Fired from my job (almost) because of chocolate strawberries.

by Christa

I LOVE chocolate dipped strawberries, any type of chocolate will work for me. Well I guess that made me the wrong person for the job.

My husband and I were working at a restaurant together. I needed some extra hours on my paycheck so I asked the chef (not my husband at the time) if I could help in the kitchen. It was Valentine's Day so he had the job of dipping the strawberries still on his list. Yippee I thought. Easy job since I'm not known for my culinary skills.

At first the job was horrible. I didn't realize I would have to sit in the walk in (restaurant refrigerator) in order to do the job. It was way too hot in the kitchen so that's where chef put me. Yikes it was freezing, even with wearing one of the kitchen coats.

Well as I sat there I found the temptation of those little berry beauties too much to handle. Before long the system went something like for the for me. Chef would pop in every now and then to see my progress. It wasn't great progress, he said I was too slow and I needed to hurry. When he came in again, just as I was chomping down on the merchandise that's when he fired me.

Good thing it was just from that task and not my job all together.

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