D. F. Byles House

by Jeff Leuschen
(Elma, WA)

My wife and I bought the David F. Byles house on A/Young St. last June and have been feverishly trying to restore it. David Byles was the brother of Charles Byles who were surveyors. They bought and sold property that became the towns of Cosmopolis, Montesano, and Elma. David Byles home was built in 1891 according to the county. He was elected Elma Mayor in 1897 and died in office in a "runaway accident". We intend to restore the home to it's most original state with modern conveniences (windows, heating, ect.) It's in fairly decent shape but will take several years to restore. By the way, Charles Byles' old house is now currently the Whiteside Funeral Home in Montesano.

I've been trying to find old photos of my house, but it has been difficult. The only one I've seen it in is an old panoramic of Elma hanging at the PUD pay station next to the flower shop. I'd love a copy of the panoramic. Anyone know where I can get one?
Thank you Mark for all the pics and history! I've copied many of the photos and plan on hanging them in my home.

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May 08, 2011
D. F. Byles House In Elma
by: Jeff Leuschen

Hi Luke. Sorry. I meant to thank you. I couldn't remember your name and my wife told me it was Mark. Sorry about that. I'd love to have a CD. I'll check out the link you posted. Thanks!

Apr 26, 2011
D. F. Byles House
by: Luke

Hi Jeff,
I remember talking with you in the PUD pay station (my day job) about your home. You are doing a wonderful job on the house. It looks so fresh and clean again.

Taking down the over-growth gave it an original look as it should have. You may already be aware of preservation guidelines, but if not, check here www.preservationnation.org/resources/faq/historic-buildings/how-do-i-restore-or.html
to get clues on how to keep the home within historical preservation lines. It's important to not change the original structure in order to have it listed as a historical building.

I have been trying to find time to print that panoramic picture of Elma out. I don't mind getting it to a CD for you.

One of the volumes I wrote on Elma has the panoramic in it (check the Elma library). I remember going up on the hill to get a recent version of the same panoramic view back around 2003. I did get one and included it in the second volume of the Elma Visitor Guide. There were so many trees that skewed the layout but it is a great picture eitherway. I wanted to post it on this site but it is way too big.
Thanks for posting Jeff! I will do my best to find that elusive photo of your home.
Also, you said "Thank you Mark for all the pics and history!" Who were you refering to? I would love to talk with him as I am looking for information/photos on the old Creamery.
Thanks again for your post Jeff! See you soon...

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