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Old Porter cash and grocery

The gentle man standing on the porch with the vest on is my Great grandfather James Buchanan Buck Ray. Dexter Rays father my grandfather.Also the gentle

Continue reading "Old Porter cash and grocery"

Porter Church

I'm pretty sure my grandfather, Rev. John P Bush, was a pastor to that church in Porter. I don't know if it is the exact one mentioned but really how

Continue reading "Porter Church"

Vance Lumber in Malone

All the accounts I can find suggest that Vance sold out to Mason County Logging Company (Tom & Joe Bordeaux) in 1924. But I have been through the entire

Continue reading "Vance Lumber in Malone"

Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies. What is it that makes this chocolate chip cookie recipe so easy? You like em chewy, soft, or a cookie bar! Start here … with this simple way to...

Continue reading "Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies"

Caramel Crisp

Caramel Crisp. Sink your teeth into a soft, crisp, caramel bar bite that's sure to bring you back to the good ole days, when chocolate candies were simple. It’s a great custom chocolate candy…

Continue reading "Caramel Crisp"

Chocolate Candy Recipes

chocolate candy recipes, Here's the homemade tips & tricks, recipes, molding chocolates, making chocolate candy, homemade chocolate recipes, candy making chocolate, chocolate covered…

Continue reading "Chocolate Candy Recipes"

Elma Washington

Elma Washington. history, East Grays Harbor information, old pictures, parks, recreation, Grays Harbor County Fair, Grays Harbor Raceway, Slug Festival, Blackberry Festival, Strawberry Festival

Continue reading "Elma Washington"

Bonnie Hipps

Just found this,love the photos and history and left you a medsage about Hunters Prairie.I grew up next to Hi and Veva Moncere in the little yellow house

Continue reading "Bonnie Hipps"

Melting Chocolate Chips

Melting Chocolate Chips. Sometimes the melt is too thick, find out what to do, and the many ways to use the sweet delight.

Continue reading "Melting Chocolate Chips"

Elma Hotel 3rd and Young

The Elma hotel burned when I was about 6 yrs. old. That would be 1937. It burned at night and I could see the flames from where we were living.

Continue reading "Elma Hotel 3rd and Young"

Grace Community Church west Main Street Elma, WA

Grace Community Church 1930's. There was a beautiful Chestnut tree next to the church. The church is on the Corner of West Main Street.

Continue reading "Grace Community Church west Main Street Elma, WA"

Guittard Chocolate

Guittard Chocolate Company delivers bittersweet chocolate flavor, smooth creamy white chocolate nonpareil disc. A hit with the professional pastry chef and the homemade Chocolatier

Continue reading "Guittard Chocolate"

Mars Chocolate

Mars Chocolate Company history started, types of popular confectionery brands like M&M, Mars Bars, where it all began, and how success can happen right out of your own…

Continue reading "Mars Chocolate"

Seed Method

Seed Method. Try this for one of the easiest ways of tempering there is..., since the inception of solid chocolate...

Continue reading "Seed Method"

Cocoa Butter Equivalent

Cocoa Butter Equivalent (CBE). Companies partially substitute cocoa butter with CBE's like vegetable oil. Is health benefits of chocolate compromised? Find out here

Continue reading "Cocoa Butter Equivalent"

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