Brick Oven Near Malone

by Walt Knight

On our property at the end of Malone Hill Branch Road is the ruin of a large brick oven for baking bread. I am told it used to serve the neighborhood quite well. It still has a metal slot door that looks like a pizza oven of today. The fire below heats the bricks above, causing the dough to rise.

The oven is hidden at the edge of the hill and forest, debris of a fallen woood building next to it. People ask to salvage the bricks, but I prefer that the oven remain intact as a piece of local history.

Walt Knight

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Oct 24, 2015
Malone memories
by: Kevin

I am glad you have kept the oven intact. I remember visiting that place in 1968 and seeing the oven. I don't remember the size of the building it was in though.

I lived below in Malone close to the school.

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