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i am stoked to receive such an awesome email from you...thank you for your help! so grateful you took the time to send me that email!  i look forward to seeing how the site develops.

another awesome email :)  you are really so kind to share all of this information with me. lots of experimenting left to do!  i would like to send you a box of chockies soon in return for your generosity :) thanks again

Thank you for getting back to me.  I would love you thoughts on my chocolates. Thanks for any help!
Happy Sunday!

Thanks for your quick reply!  Thanks for all your help!

LB's Creative Candies

LB you make amazing candies that are nothing short of divine and should be ordered promptly for your munching pleasure. The sooner you have them in your possession, the faster you can savor these scrumptious treats! I can’t wait to try some more! Keep the chocolate coming!
Nichol, Elma Washington"

Talk about delicious, and delightful! I wanted to savor every chocolaty bite...taking me into my own little world. The surprise I found in one of the heavenly bites was a mixture of creamy caramel and nutty essence. ummm....don't miss this store. Even the box is elegant. Can't believe the reasonable price! Store help is superb. Don't miss out!
Barb, Elma Washington

About Elma Washington

Our house is in one of the photo's. It was moved from that location. But WOW....Have been trying to find out when built, by who and any original plans

Shannon,  Pasadena

Tempering Chocolate

An excellent site with explanations of the various methods of tempering chocolate
wonderfull thanks for sharing!

קדמת עדן

Chocolate Chips

We added the coconut oil and it was great!

Lisa, San Diego, California

this help me so much. thank you


thank you for the recipe of melting the chocolate, but I have one question will this chocolate be hard after covering my cake and place it in the fridge since I have added vegetable oil. Please advise...

Thank you Luke, will try the cocoa butter

Thank you so much for this great informative post. I melted the chocolate chips in a bowl over simmering water, added the shortening to the chips right at the start...chips melted beautifully. I dipped jumbo marshmallows on sticks and then rolled them in a couple of different toppings. They look super and the chocolate set-up nicely when I chilled them in the refrigerator. Thanks again for putting this information together.


I'm so glad to find this. I love to bake/craft unique sweets for my family but I was struggling with Wilton's melts being too soft and morsels being too hard and no good recommendations in between. Too many said "no no, never use chips" but it seemed like there could be something to add because the flavor to me is superior when using chips with far more flexibility with coloring white chips than adding liquids to already soft candy melts. This ratio was *perfect* and so far, so good. I was able to use Crisco and swipe it in with the morsels first to coat them which negates the ashy grains instantly and seemed to protect them from melting too quickly (probably in my mind by hey, sometimes that works as well!). This was for straight chocolate candy/popsicles so I'll be trying this with cake pops because I always found the other dips out there just too soft to be good.

I should add, I use the Chocolatiers and Wilton's Chocolate melting system so I'm not sure if this made the difference in being able to stir the Crisco right in or not since it goes slooooooow to melt. I have 4 boys and double boilers and microwaves can't always be watched they way the should for it to be proper.


Informative article, thankyou.

Cindy, Elk River, Minnesota

Compound Chocolate

Was wondering what would be the effect if cocoa butter is added to a chocolate compound containing hydrogenated fats.


Melting Compound Chocolate

I am about to make Some chocolate dipped goodies and this information is quite clarifying as well as comprehensive....thanks a lot


I am starting to make home made chocolates...and this info has helped me a great deal.




David, Singapore

I like this.

This clarified a few things for me, thanks!

Erica, Nashville, Tennessee

Seized Chocolate

Hello there, I have a problem when I try to melted my chocolate and when I add some nuts to mix it will be set very quick when I try to divide it. The solution I want is, it is need to put some vegetable oil in the chocolate to prevent it set quickly? Or did you have any others solution can solve this problem?

Thank you so much for your tips to keep it warm,it was very helpful. Sorry for late reply,now was no more problem when I working with chocolate. ;)

Kuala, Malaysia

Thank you so much for your prompt response. I was trying to make a recipe easy for tempering-shy users, but I think they'll just have to go for it because the chocolate, although a filling, must be completely firm.

Sarah, Miami, Florida

Nutrition Facts Label

Nutritional food analysis yields important information for dietary balance and manufacturing procedures.

Ilc, Canada

About Us At Chocolates-Made-Easy.com

Good stuff and love the inspirational quotes!

Bobbi, Olympia, Washington

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Holly" Read More

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Barb, Elma WA"
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"excellent site with explanations of  tempering chocolate
קדמת עדן" Read More

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"Thank you so much for your tips to keep it warm,it was very helpful...Kuala" Read More

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