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Types Of Chocolate

Are you looking for specific types of chocolate for making candy?

The basic types of chocolate dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate don't really need an introduction.

Milk chocolate is one of the basic types and the largest consumed chocolate in America. It's almost as if it has a maternal pull. A people-binky! Maybe it's the "milk." :)

Conversely, if a recipe calls for a candy making chocolate in recipes, most likely that recipe will require a sweet dark chocolate, semisweet chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, or unsweetened chocolate.

Those are all dark chocolate. The recipes rarely call for milk chocolate.

There's other types that are a little different. Some are referred to as compound chocolate, confectioners coating, and even chocolate chips.

I use confectioners coating in my line of LB's Creative Candies over in my Candy Store (opens in new window).

What's The Difference

What makes them individually different has to do with standardized percentages of specific ingredients that need to be present in each. However, there's a broad composition of ingredients involved, which make up the massive chocolate varieties available in the stores.

Simply put, you expect a specific flavor, richness, sweetness, etc. from the desired type.

You might be surprised to find that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sets a wide range of Specific Standardized Cacao Products. The standards of identity classify dark, milk, and white within the categories of chocolate liquor, sweet chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate.

There are other classifications such as cacao nibs, and breakfast cocoa, etc., but the word "dark" is no where to be found in the wording.

As you will see, the "sweet chocolate" category includes semi-sweet, bittersweet, and sweet chocolates, which are all considered "dark chocolate."

White chocolate finally hit the charts after many years of debate on its validity of "real chocolate."  Again, it's all about the key ingredients that need to be present, in order to be called as such.

Let's melt the types of chocolate down one at a time.

All About Types Of Chocolate:

Baking Chocolate
Unsweetened chocolate, what is it, is there a substitute? That dry, cocoa powder taste of bakers chocolate I remember as a child..., my expression must have been something else, back then, I wasn't aware it was chocolate liquor, or for baking cookies, brownies, cakes...

Bittersweet Chocolate
The most intense of all sweet chocolate, with deep chocolate flavor, deserts and baking recipes require this type, find out the difference of semi-sweet chocolate, why...

Semi-Sweet Chocolate
Use this candy making chocolate for cookies, dipping, covering chocolate candies, making carmel bars, covered strawberries, nuts, raisins, and if your short-handed here's some substitutes that will easily turn your recipes into a chocolaty

Sweet Chocolate
The categorization of dark chocolate doesn't exist... a dark chocolate no less than 15 percent while bitter sweet as much as 99 percent... a more defined category, substitutes or alternatives...

Milk Chocolate
Use in fondue, frostings, ganache, cakes, fudge... contains sugar, emulsifier, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, milk solid... tha smooth milk chocolaty flavor we love so much, even as candy making chocolate...

White Chocolate
Why is it looked at as the black sheep of the chocolate world, find out about misconceptions, what are the rules for cocoa butter content, how to melt it, what are the ingredients....

Different Types Of Chocolate.
We all grew up loving the products made by big name chocolate companies. But, with health benefits of organic chocolates, it's hard to decide which is the most intriguing, or irresistible type available on the market today.

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Find out more about Specific Standardized Cacao Products over at the FDA's site. You may be able to find some useful information there.