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Tempering Chocolates
To Temper or Not

How do we know when tempering chocolates is necessary?

There are so many different types of chocolate out there, and it does get confusing for some while chocolate candy making.

Theres also different ways to temper.

It's really easy to get the steps of one chocolate tempering process mixed up with a completely different process.

So let's make things a little clearer for you.

Learning the different techniques of chocolate tempering, reminds me of my attempts at the proper golf swing...

arms straight, keep your head down, bend your knees, follow thru...

...My procedure could be different from yours or someone else you've looked to trying to simply figure out tempering.

"The reason the pro tells you to keep your head down
is so you can't see him laughing."

Phyllis Diller

The reason tempering chocolates of any type takes place, is to get the chocolate to reform (solid again) without separation of the cocoa solids, and the cocoa butter.

Your chocolate candy making will look & feel solid and last longer in storage too.

Pretzel Dipped in Carmel and Chocolate

However, if you just want to dip your pretzels in chocolate while you watch your favorite movie, game, or whatever, then tempering isn't necessary!

Simply add a touch of your cherished flavoring to the pan, and then warm it right along with good ole chocolate chips.

It'll work just fine, and you're good to go.

I stopped worrying about how to temper chocolate and "hold my mouth just right" while tempering. My golf swing, well, let's not go there.

Tempering is a must do if you need a solid, crisp bar, or unblemished look on those chocolates you fresh out of the chocolate candy molds.

You'll need to consider tempering candy making chocolate especially if you are going to make solid chocolates in candy molds where a durable, solid, & shiny finish is needed.

Chocolate that is not properly tempered will still become solid, but it won't have a good, crisp snap when cooled (set up will be soft & pliable).

The reason is that when cocoa butter in "real chocolate" is in molten stage, it must be brought to a proper crystallization in order to solidify properly.

It is all about experimenting and practice to find your comfort zone. Even the experts would have trouble at times.

There are those time when you need to focus mainly on the chocolate candy making design..., let the tempering processes sink in for awhile.

In that case go ahead and use the alternative, compound chocolate for your chocolate candy recipes. It's inexpensive to work with, and taste great too.

These types of chocolate are your basics in candy making chocolate.

If I can make a tasty treat out of real chocolate or compound chocolate, I call either one candy making chocolate.

But don't forget, compound chocolate is literally chocolate flavored with no cocoa butter and you won't be tempering with it.

This is the type of chocolate candy that is refered to as "Melt and Mold." It's great for making designs on all those chocolate candy recipes!

For the "how to temper chocolate," you'll need to use real chocolate (with cocoa butter) as a "must do" when baking, making cakes, fondue recipes, deserts, chocolate truffles, and cookies, to name a few.

The beauty of tempering chocolates is that they can also be used with chocolate candy molds, dipping those juicy raspberries, chocolate strawberries, & other fruits, or chocolate dipped whatever for the party.

So relax..., take one-step at a time first, and make tempering chocolates fun..., it is worth it.

To save time and probably some money, read the entire chocolate tempering process (link below) before you actually begin.

So you can become familiar with the details.

Plus, it'll give you time to question steps you might not understand.

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