Tempering Chocolate

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Brief History Of Chocolate Tempering

Tempering candy making chocolate and has been in existence for over 160 years.

The history of chocolate & other sources indicate that the ability to temper chocolate took over three millenniums to develop from being a watery cocoa drink.

Chocolates solid form came to be due to processes including heating, and pressing cocoa beans (seeds) harvested from the fruit pods of cocoa trees.

Since its discovery, chocolate and candy making taunts nearly every culture of the world with its curiosities and challenge.

What You Can Expect From Tempering Chocolate

Chocolate candy makers at home even experience how ironic it is, that heat, and moisture will now wreak havoc on melting chocolate for tempering.

We soon find that this feel-good, "melts in your mouth" solid chocolate, doesn't just melt like butter.

Sometimes we temper chocolate for the good, and end up with th bad and ugly. It either turns out too soft when it should have set-up solid, or it may bloom, scorch or just out right seize up for seemingly no reason.

Don't Pull your hair out over it though...,
I've already done that for you!

What You Can Do About It

There are a few things we can do about to prevent chocolate from acting up!

A chocolate tempering machine can almost insure you get a good consistency every time; like a Hershey's chocolate-bar.

I can easily achieve this with no problems when I don't have time to fuss. I use a tempering machine like this one over at Amazon.com because it amazing how easy and accurate to use.

As the product description states, it has all the features for the professional Chocolatier, and although it is automatic, you can adjust the temperature manually if needed as well as pausing the rotation of the bowl for up to 90 seconds. I know that comes in handy when you need to dip more delicate items.

I like the fact that the digital display includes temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius. and can melt and temper up to one and a half pounds of your favorite chocolate.

It's just right for those small batches of chocolate we temper at home.

However, when we are candy making chocolates on the stove top at the house, we need to follow a few simple steps on how to temper, to ensure we temper properly.

All About Tempering Chocolates:

Challenge of Tempering
For chocolate tempering to take place, the cocoa butter particles in melted chocolate need to crystallize and rearrange into a stronger, more durable form when solid... find out why!

Temper for the Good
Getting the Bad and the Ugly sometimes is due to the little details that can make all the difference in the outcome of chocolate and tempering...

When to Temper
When is the right time to temper chocolates or can I just melt it, mold it and be done..., or is there something else missing.

How To Temper
Are you getting the results you expected? Save time and money by getting familiar with 4 simple steps on temper, complete with pictures of chocolate, great tips...

Tabling Method
This method of tempering is not as hard as you might think..., with four easy steps, tempering can be a breeze!

Seed Method
Try this for one of the easiest ways of tempering there is, since the inception of solid chocolate.

A form of melting to maintain temper, no need to worry about tempering, the solid chocolates tempered state remains in the same crystal formation as when solid

Chocolate Bloom
Sometimes tempered chocolate looks like it was powdered with flour, has yellow fish eye shapes, or glazed with sugar... so what's going on with chocolate, did I do something wrong

Sugar Bloom
Are you getting results from your cooled chocolate, does it look and feel as if it was glazed like a doughnut, what did I do and how can it be prevented

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