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Squeeze Bottles

Ever wondered how squeeze bottles can help with homemade chocolate candy making?

How to get caramel in chocolate candy.

I found that you can get ingredients like caramel into your chocolate candy molds with out all the fuss.

It's true you might  use a scoop or some other device to get the chocolate mixture in the candy molds.

But when it comes to something like caramel...

How many times have you

  • unwrapped caramel squares
  • smash them all to a specific size
  • molded the caramel with the chocolate
  • ended up with about one third molded chocolates looking good
  • Then find yourself frustrated with the look of your candies.

Me too!

So, let's look at some fixes that will help you make chocolate candy and do away with the time wasting hassles you might be facing.

I use Peters Caramel (5lb Loaf). It's easy to work with, I don't have to unwrap small caramel squares, and it holds up very well in proper storage. 

Even so, I would still cut caramel squares out of the loaf, then flatten each one for some of my chocolate recipes.

That's okay if it's a one-time thing, but it's tedious and I need to move right along.

There's just too much prep time involved.

It didn't take long to discover that I could heat the caramel and use the help of plastic bottles to inject caramel.

That's right!

You can even use unused ketchup bottles for injecting caramel or other ingredients into your candies.

I love using a squeeze bottle for making chocolate candy now days.

LB's candies are bite sized pieces and I needed a way to mold the candy and still get caramel inside without the frustration of messing with each piece of caramel.

It's handy for making smaller chocolate carmel crisp bars, caramel pecan bars, and other chocolate candies!

How To Use A Squeeze Bottle With Caramel

Caramel is pretty hot when it's molten liquid.

I soon found out how difficult it is to hold on to the squeeze bottle with hot caramel in them.

Then I remembered the hot coffee insulator I used when my coffee cup was too hot to hold.

Likewise, I use the insulators when I wanted to keep my can of pop cold.

I tried a foam pop-can insulator (like this one) on the squeeze bottle and It worked great.

You might have one already, but here's a great deal on them in case you can't find them.

My pop can insulator had a bottom on it. I removed it so I could slide the pop can insulator up or down on the bottle.

insulated Squeeze Bottles

Some bottles have various diameters, and I had to stitch up the slack to make a smaller opening on the insulator for a snug fit.

I could then lower the insulator on the tube when I wasn't using it.

Alternatively, I could raise it higher on the bottle when inverted (upside down) to inject caramel into the chocolate.

There are some things to be aware of while using squeeze bottles and hot caramel.

The plastic tubes with hot caramel are easier to handle now. It keeps the caramel hot longer, and I don't need heat resistant gloves!

What's more, is that it keeps chocolate warm longer in bottles too...

What a great idea!

Some pop can insulators are made like the "slap bracelet" and are also known as "Slap Wrap & Go Can Cooler."

This type of insulator is straight until you slap one on..., it wraps itself around and hangs on.

I haven't tried them and I'm not sure how they'll hold up.

A Word Of Caution

Working with Hot Caramel deserves a note of caution.

This is how I make my LB's candy line. However, you should always follow all manufacturers recommendations for using plastic bottles with hot contents.

If you decide to melt caramel and try this procedure, please read this entire page before working with hot caramel.

With that said, here's what I do along with some of the precautions I take.

TIP For Using Plastic Bottles

Before turning the bottles upside down to inject caramel into chocolate molds

  1. Always squeeze the tube (just a little) to remove some of the air
  2. Hold that squeeze as you invert the tube.

This does two things.

  • It allows you to let up on your squeeze, while inverted, to draw the caramel back into the tube to stop the flow.

Why? Let's say you for get to remove some of the air first.

  • The heat from the melted caramel builds rapidly and will force the caramel out of the tip of the squeeze bottle cap (sometimes with chocolate too). Hot caramel will over flow everywhere!

Another problem I have encountered is that sometimes the hole in the tip of the cap is too small, and the caramel won't come out.

I found that if I applied more pressure, the cap will pop off and then I had a mess to eat up (I love my messes).

Lid adjustment for Squeeze Bottles and easy flow

To remedy this, cut a little off the top of the caps tip. I cut various lengths to accommodate the type of flow that I need.

In addition when done squeezing warm chocolate from the bottles, I remove the cap, and knock out the remaining chocolate back into whatever melting pot of which it came from.

Then place the squeeze bottles in the refrigerator to chill.

After about 15 minutes, take them out and squeeze the bottle to break up the chocolate.

Crush it up in the tubes and dump it back into the melting pot.

Do the same with the caps!

I lay the tips on the edge of the counter and gently tap them with the handle of a butter knife.

Sometimes the chocolate will come right out, other times it's easier to wash them in warm water.

Have a Squeezie Day Chocolate Candy Making!

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