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Are you searching to find recipes for melting chocolate or wanting to know how to melt chocolate for chocolate candy recipes, melting chocolate for strawberries...,

or maybe you would like to know how to melt chocolate for chocolate candy making, or simply want to know how do I melt chocolate to use in chocolate candy molds?

Sometimes chocolate candy recipes are don't always turn out the way we intended when using chocolate candy molds.

The same goes for melting chocolate for strawberries and other chocolate covered fruits, and nuts that don't require chocolate molds.

So, you might have guessed that there are a few things to consider before we get started making chocolate candy or dipping strawberries for a happy valentine.

Here's a great start!

Chocolate Pictures of melting chocolate

You'll find that Different types of chocolate have different characteristics and could require more than a "blanket" warming method.

So first, we need to decide..., do we want to temper the chocolate or simply need to know how to melt chocolate for dipping?

chocolate pictures using the tabling method

Different types of heat sources that could easily discourage, or encourage, a smooth melt for chocolate candy recipes and come from any stovetop, oven, open flame, and other direct heat sources.

Next decide which kitchen tools we will use in recipes for melting chocolate, such as a double boiler, microwave oven, bagging in a wet bath, or whatever.


We can take our pick on what method of heating to use to melt when it comes to melting chocolate chips and compound chocolate as long as we are mindful of temperature and avoid seizing.

Chocolate Pictures of Chocolate Melting Recipes

Assuming the need for a general melt, a simple answer to "how do I melt chocolate" is melting chocolate chips to use for dipping chocolate strawberries, in cake recipes, chocolates for those gift ideas, chocolate candy making in chocolate molds, and more.

Alternatively, compound chocolate is pretty easy to melt it, mold it, and dip it without the tedious task of tempering.

The procedure to melt this type is the same as melting chocolate chips. The difference...

...chocolate chips have a high viscosity (thick paste) and contains some cocoa butter while compound chocolate doesn't.

If you're going to thin out chocolate chips, use real cocoa butter and not vegetable shortening. You can find it here Raw Organic Cacao under "vanilla & Cocoa."


It beats thinning with vegetable shortening for melting chocolate for strawberries, and retains the mouth feel and taste.


Compound chocolate doesn't need any thinning either (unless desired)..., so you can make your chocolate candies quick using chocolate candy molds..., isn't that easy!

Vegetable shortening is a great thinner for compound chocolate (just not as healthy as cocoa butter).

But it will work just in case you need to thin it to make fine lines on your chocolates or chocolate dipped strawberries.

No matter what recipes for melting chocolate we choose, temperature, movement, seizing, and patients are the biggest factors.

So take the time to understand each of the steps and ask me questions if needed. I love to help!

At the very least..., Enjoy & Have Fun!

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Compound chocolate, chocolate chips, real chocolate (with cocoa butter), and all other different types of chocolates are extremely dry foods and will seize up.

Keep counters, kitchen & chef tools dry.

Any time liquids are involved in melting chocolate, it's a good idea to have some towels handy, and read about How To Prevent Melted Chocolate From Seizing


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