Nutrition Fact Label

How do you make a nutrition fact label?

You've spent ample time breaking down your food ingredient labels to add to your packaging, and now you need a nutrition label to go along with it.

It should be no surprise that we can't have nutrition without the ingredient components from a recipe first.

Hammering out the specifics about the ingredients gave you a solid layout of each ingredient, and its subcomponents for the food label.

If you were to pay to have a nutrition analysis done on a piece of chocolate candy, you would find the cost high from a bona-fide professional lab.

Last I checked it was in the hundreds of US dollars for a single candy. I have over 30 individual candies I've created. Yep, I said "Yikes!"

Where to Start

On the bright side, you might not be aware "Food products that are low-volume," and meet specific requirements by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) might not need even a nutrition fact label.

So, you have a choice here. Any time you package a food item, you are required to have an ingredient label, but maybe not the nutrition label.

However, let's assume you need, or want, the nutrition fact label as I have with LB's Creative Candies.

Singles Or Assorted

If you package a single piece of chocolate candy, you would need a nutrition fact label for each individually wrapped piece of chocolate candy. Like a chocolate candy bar.

If you package an assortment of candies, then you would need to combine all ingredients in the package, then perform an analysis of the data to create one single nutrition label for the assortment of candies.

Essentially, it's the same procedure, whether your chocolate candies will be packaged as an assortment or as singles.

It's enough to coax you into a chocolate binge all by itself.

I also needed an allergen statement on LB's Creative Candies package due to butter, and nuts in the ingredients.

Breaking It Down

Now that you have your new food ingredient labels that you broke down into what is called "descending order of predominance," you can begin to create a nutrition label.

No doubt your going to need a "good" recipe nutrition calculator. It's a lot of brain work. I have just the tool to help you if you have basic food items.

The EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale - Professional Food and Nutrient Calculator is a food scale and nutrient calculator and scale all in one unit.

It's the best buy for the money because you need a scale to weigh the components for the food ingredient labels, and now you need to build the nutrition fact label.

The EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale can take care of both, normal scale & calculate. Calculate will determine the nutrition facts for a food once you've got the ingredients into labels.

That's a huge help when you're figuring the nutritional value if your ingredients.

A caveat here, is that there are ingredients that can't be determined without extreme scrutiny, such as foods that have been coated and/or salted. FDA has such stringent guidelines that it could take a lab to analyze your ingredient data.

Resources Of Interest

Department of Agriculture (at least WSDA does) will set you straight on the correct path to ingredient labels, never fear. Have you're homework done before they show up.

Here's how...

Nutrition Labeling Guidance Compliance & Regulatory Information: Get an understanding of the FDA's guidance. There are many questions answered there as well as the issue of copying a competitor's nutrition label.

Whereas, "Firms are responsible for the accuracy of the Nutrition Facts label..." if "...a firm merely copied its competitor's label, the firm would be hard pressed to prove that they labeled the product 'in good faith.'"

Nutrition Labeling Exemption This guide explains why you might not need the nutrition label based on "low-volume" manufacturing. It's somewhere in the neighborhood of one hundred thousand units, but, check with the FDA first.

How to make sense of food ingredient labels and nutrition facts label: Reading the FDA's compliance details can be very dry and daunting. Here's some simple examples on placing information over at FDA. I think it takes the "rocket science" feel, and the boredom, out of the compliance FDA imposes.

There are many forms of deceptive wording within food ingredient labels. Don't let your nutrition facts label fall into to this category. It is not worth the customer loss or the penalties.

FoodLab: I wrestled with Nutrition data for sometime and ultimately opted to go with a for my nutrition labels. Daniel Brooker offered wonderful help in setting up the details at a very reasonable price.

I needed what WSDA said was the "shotgun approach" to labeling my ingredients for the boxed assortments. That meant, I also needed to take the same appraoch for the nutrition labels as well.

The ingredient labels were all done, so I sent them into Foodlab and soon had the final product in hand. Yes I will use them in the future.

The main thing, is that you are truthful in your food ingredient labels so that the nutrition fact label are accurate.

The FDA food label regulation on genetically modified food is currently a voluntary application to packaging.

It can be difficult to tell if some ingredients contain food made from genetically engineered resources. It's my hope that FDA makes this type of food a mandatory labeling practice.

Need more? Ask me anything (nice of course).

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