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Mothers Day
Letter to Mom

Happy Mothers Day Mom, Picture of Mothers Day, Mother and Babe
Did you know mom, I used to think the sun rose at the foot of your bed each morning..., until one day, I realized it was you waking up.

I think about you all the time and remember some pretty amazing things we've shared.

I know how much YOU love flowers and your Avon. That's why I'm including a really great link where you can go anytime you want to find the best Avon products. You'll love Bobbi B. over at Avon com.


Bobbi has a great Avon Representative websites you might be interested in.

I talked with her about you needing to find a local Avon representative for your Avon order entry. She can't wait to meet you.

I promised you I wouldn't to fall for the cheap flowers delivered idea this time because you deserve the best.

I'm sending you Mothers Day flowers from Image Flowers and Fine Chocolates. They do a great job with their flower arrangements over there.

The Mother Day flower arrangement I sent you are for all the times you put up with me while I was learning to grow.

Also Image Flowers in Elma Washington really goes out of their way to get the best quality flowers that last their maximum life. You'll find the care they take with each order is extremely rare.

Image Flowers are market friendly, which means, that quality for quality, the prices are competitively fair. Plus Image Flowers is a family company and you can tell that they care about you.

The supermarket flowers just don't last as long and drop ship flowers simply can't handle the shock of shipping them.


You might be wondering where the link to Image Flowers website is at. Image Flowers is working on the service so please be patient.

Until then, you can use Teleflora and they will still get a hold of Image Flowers for a fee. But, I'm sure you like to save money, so search online for the flowers you want, call Image Flowers at 888-213-8644. Then tell them what website the flowers were on... It's that simple! You'll save at least $35.00 right off the top.

The flowers for Mother's Day can never make up for all the times you cared for me.

Picture of Mothers Day Flowers

Boy do I ever remember all the times you loved me when I was wrong, the band-aids, parties, chauffeuring, the thousands of meals you prepared and sleepless nights waiting up for me.

No one else has ever come close to your love and I want you to know I really try hard to pass your love on to my children.


You mean so much to me mom. I hope you know that the Mothers Day flowers are my way of being there when I'm away. It's my gesture of thanks to you for all you've done for me.

By the way mom, could you let grandpa know he can send Mother Day flower to grandma over at Image Flowers and Fine Chocolates, because they deliver worldwide too. Image Flowers can send a Mother Day flower delivery right to their home with one phone call 1-888-213-8644.

May this be the Best Mothers Day Ever! I Love You Mom and thanks for being my Sunshine!

With Love,
Your Favorite Child, Me!

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