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How To Mold Chocolates

Do you like to mold chocolate? Normally you would expect to see paint brushes, lots of chocolate colors, chocolate box molds, chocolate lollipop molds, or even an Elmo chocolate mold. I want to do something different on this page.

We started out doing all those things in our flower company..., you know, to compliment the flower arrangements. But, we really needed a box of chocolate candies that would tantalize the receiver of the flowers. Really, that's what it's all about.

We get crafty and do up some lollipops, and novelty chocolate molds for gifts too. We even use chocolate truffle molds on occasion. Right now though, I want to walk you through the steps I take to build one of my chocolates.

Use any mold you like and melt some chocolate. We don't need to add anything..., just practice.

Picture of filling Chocolate Candy Mold

I'm going to mold chocolate for a quick milk chocolate Heavenly Bite, so you can see what is going on with the mold cavities (you won't see the whole procedure).

Notice when I fill this mold, it only looks like it's two-thirds full. It' actually going to be just about full when I settle it down.

I want this particular candy, when it's finished, to rise just above the surface of the mold. I also want to have enough room for some caramel.

Settle The Chocolate Into The Mold Cavities

With one hand on each side of the mold, lift the entire mold with your fingertips about one-2 inches over the counter, and then let the mold drop. Repeat as needed to settle the chocolate into the mold (4-5 times usually).

When there is a small amount of chocolate in the mold cavity, you can get away with briskly, but gently, slapping the mold on to the tabletop to even out the layer.

Repeat as needed to settle the chocolate into the mold (4-5 times usually).

Picture of Settling Chocolate in the Candy Mold

Watch what happens when you tap down the chocolate in the cavities.

Without adding anymore chocolate to the cavity, the chocolate settles in, and like magic, it rises to almost full.

As I am tapping the mold, I watch for air bubble to surface and pop from the mold chocolate. At the same time, I try to be quick, but also gentle about it.

Adding the Toppings

Now is the time to add other ingredients such as caramel, nuts, or whatever you like.

Picture of Caramel in the Chocolate Candy Mold

You can add the carmel any way you want.

I like to pour it to look like a "C" shape, so that the topping food (nuts) fit inside without shoving the caramel out of site. It really sets off the mold chocolate.

Picture of Adding the Topping Food, Dried Fruits, Nuts, etc. to the  Chocolate Candy Mold

Add the Topping Food

In this case, it's the cashew nut, but you can use anything like dried fruits, hard candies or whatever compliments the chocolates you build. I position it so it offsets the caramel.

This offers a full look to the chocolates appearance and adds to its appeal.

Picture of Fluffing Chocolates in Candy Molds

Now the fun part of molding chocolate! We will seat in the topping food.

With a simple little push of the finger, ever so slightly, the nut sets into the mold chocolate, the caramel and chocolate rises above the mold cavity.

I love this look! It gives a splashy look, as if the nut fell into a pool of carmel and chocolate. It took me a few years to simplify this method. Before, the chocolate candies were as plain and unattractive as they get.

At this point, we need to be very careful so we don't settle the chocolate anymore.

What I mean is that one small bump to the mold and the chocolate will begin to fall (settle). One more bump and you'll see the top go almost flat.

All the nice fluffiness you had will blend in to the rest making it look like a plain old flattop piece of chocolate. Complete with a lump of nut and caramel.

Picture of Topping off the Chocolates with your design in Candy Mold

The final touch is the design you choose to compliment the chocolate. Keep it simple and you won't bury the tasty treats underneath it.

Make sure the design you choose is meticulous, yet simple enough that you can still see past it to those mouth-watering ingredients below.

Picture of final look of the Chocolates in Candy Mold

As you can see, My mark is usually like this but I've done others like a circular swirl.

When you are finished, take extra care in lifting the filled mold to the cooler. The slightest bump or jar can settle your work into flat drab candies.

Set then down gently, close the door to the cooler, and wait for them to properly cool. Go here for tips on how to tell when the chocolate candy is ready.

Do what you like, have fun and mold chocolate! Make your chocolate candy fun and inviting

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