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Melting Point Of Compound Chocolate
Compound Chocolates Temper

Picture of melting compound chocolate

So, what's the melting point of compound chocolate?

It's not like real chocolate where we know about what to expect from the polymorphic changes.

Chocolate with cocoa butter (real chocolate) will melt very easy at 97-plus °F (36-plus °C), and there's nothing like the rich creamy chocolaty taste we can accomplish with it.

With melting compound chocolate though, science is simulating cocoa butter with various fats (cottonseed oil, palm, palm kernel, soy, etc.) through natural press, hydrogenation and even fractionation or whatever.

Picture of Melting for Chocolate Candy

Albeit less expensive, science has yet to accomplish the melting point and fine texture of cocoa butter.

So, we have various types of fats we are dealing with while we're putting together compound chocolate candy recipes.

The melting points of these fats are very close to cocoa butter. Some even melt in synch with the cocoa butter when used as a cocoa butter equivalent.

Mostly though, when other fats are used as a cocoa butter replacer, it usually means that you may have to heat a few degrees higher to melt compound chocolate. Take a look if you would like to know how to melt compound chocolate.

Picture of boy licking chocolate off fingers

To find the melting point of yours, it really depends on the specific type of cocoa butter replacer (CBR) used to actually determine compound chocolates melting point.

They are all relative to body temperature though, and will eventually melt in the mouth & hands.

The test is pretty simple..., just hand some to the kids, and they'll be licking their fingers in no time at all ";')

Picture of girl licking chocolate off fingers

I like to use Guittard compound chocolate (Appeals). To me they are the creamiest with smooth chocolaty taste and texture..., most all of the flavors that I have found.

The melting point of compound chocolate for this type is around 98-plus °F (36-plus °C).

It's easy to work with, and very forgiving while melting for chocolate candy making. The smooth creamy, texture, and taste gets excellent reviews from customers.

Enjoy Melting!

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