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Melting Chocolate
The Unassuming Melt

Are you searching for tips on melting chocolate chips, simple ways for melting-chocolate-for-strawberries, how to prevent seized chocolate, or what the melting point of chocolate is?

Read on as I walk with you through the various ways of heating different types of chocolate, helpful tips for successful chocolate melting, and how to avoid chocolate seizing.

Yes, by warming chocolate you'll get that rich, creamy-warm chocolate smell. Sometimes it smells so good, that you just have to dip something in it..., even if it is you finger.

However, to assume the outcome of melting will be perfect just because heat is applied, is like finding yourself in a freak storm on a modest day, without a coat or umbrella. Chocolate can seize, scorch, or bloom if we are not watchful.

What You Want

With so many types of chocolates and applications it sometimes hard to know what the best way to melt chocolate is. Here's a good example.

You are at home, you want to melt chocolate for dipping strawberries, marshmallows, cookies, whatever, and you want it now.

Are you going to go to the store and buy some quality chocolate? Maybe not. If you're like me, you will grab the chocolate chips out of pantry or storage.

Suddenly, you discover the chips don't seem to want to melt.

What's going on with chocolate chips is not the same as other types of chocolate. Each have their own way of melting. You'll also need to consider the way you melt and what you are going to need to control it.

Is Heating Different Than Melting

The cocoa butter in chocolate is a natural unadulterated fat of the cocoa bean.

This ancient little cocoa bean harvested from the cocoa pod of the cocoa tree (theobroma cacao) – goes through a pretty rigorous process. About half of each bean is cocoa butter & half-cocoa powder.

There are many variables to heating. Depending on the recipe for melting, the type of chocolate, and the intended use. That's considering there are so many different reasons to melt chocolate. Such as chocolate candy making, chocolate fountains, dipping, ganache, etc.

It's essential in the making of real chocolate. Cocao butter is the reason the melting point of chocolate is lower than body temperature.

You are going to need RAW Cocoa Butter 1 Lb, so get some now and and keep it on hand. You can store it in the refrigerator for more than a year (in an air-tight container). Vacuum pack it to last for several years. You'll be glad you did!

It always helps while you're working with melting and it's more efficient and healthier than vegetable shortening.

You could find that it may be less forgiving to melt chocolate in a microwave oven rather than a double boiler. Even though it appears easy as melting butter.

Melting Confusion Away

Discover what you need to do, for what you would like to accomplish.

Cocoa butter in chocolate has a natural tendency to separate from other ingredients.

Whether you are melting chocolate chips for strawberries, or making chocolate candy, heat and movement are key elements in melting for chocolate candy making.

The outcome of great chocolate and its appearance depends on this unassuming melt.

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Chocolate Shaving & Chocolate Curls

Melting time may be quicker, but the time it takes to shave or curl the chocolate may take longer than simply melting the chocolate pieces.
It's worth the time for garnish though. Once you do get the chocolate curled, be sure and use it up, or re-melt back into a larger block.

Storing thin slices won't last as long as larger pieces.