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For decades, melting chocolate for strawberries is one of the most luring concepts of dipping chocolate for candy making.

Recipes for chocolate dipped strawberries and flowers almost always lead the way to romantic evenings, special occasions and gift ideas.

We already know the health benefits of chocolate, but when we add in health benefits of strawberries..., life gets even sweeter.

Here's a basic recipe to melt chocolates for dipping strawberries. However, if you want to make a little something extra..., have a look at chocolate strawberries, or take a look at recipes for chocolate dipped strawberries.

Basic Melting for Strawberries

  • Here's What We Will Need:
  • 1 pound (2 cups) melted chocolate (equal to about 2-1/2 cups un-melted chocolate).
    Note: With this small amount of chocolate & using 12 strawberries, it may be a little harder to dip when you get closer to the last of the strawberries. Add another half-cup if needed
  • 6-12 Strawberries
    Gently wash the berries (leave green-leafy hulls on). Place in a bowl of cool water a few minutes..., gently roll and move them to remove sediment and other particles & pesticides.

    Picture of Strawberry wrap Remove them to a clean dry towel and allow to dry while they warm to room temperature. I like to wrap each individual berry with a paper towel after about 30 minutes to help draw the remaining moisture.
      • Strawberries are about 80% (percent) water..., wrapping them helps to avoid small amounts of water getting into melted chocolate..., chocolate absorbs the moisture and it will seize up regardless of the type of chocolate.
    Should your recipe for melting chocolate for strawberries include adding liquids such as flavoring, cream, etc., see "Problems & Solutions" under How To Prevent Melted Chocolate From Seizing.

    We can use a double boiler or microwave oven to melt the chocolate– both included here.

    • Step One:
    • Double boiler: Heat water to simmering (not boiling), around 140-180 °F (60-82 °C).
      At a simmer, there won't be abrupt steam plumes to seize things up while you're melting chocolate for strawberries.
    • Place about two-thirds of the chocolate in the upper pan, & place pan onto the warm-lower-pan.
    • Microwave oven: Place about two-thirds of the chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl
    • Step Two:
    Melt to Temperature
    • Double boiler: Heat to temperature 115-118 °F (46-47 °C) while gently stirring.
    • Microwave oven: On medium heat, begin heating for 40 seconds. Remove & stir gently.
      Repeat at 30-second intervals (bursts) stirring in between until most of the chocolate melts or reaches proper temperature.
    Gently stir & move the chocolate until the melted chocolate is a smooth liquid, and respectfully to temperature listed.

    Dark chocolate: Bring the temperature to about 115-118 °F (46-47 °C).
    Milk chocolate: Bring the temperature to about 112-115 °F (44-46 °C).
    White chocolate: Bring the temperature to about 110-112 °F (43-44 °C).
    • Step Three:
    • Remove from heat
    • Keep stirring and moving the molten chocolate until it cools to about 96-100 °F (35.5-37.7 °C).
        Add to Cool Chocolate to Seed
      • Add Remaining Chocolate

      Gently stir until the remaining chocolate melts. This should bring the temperature to around 88 °F (31 °C).

      • Wipe moisture from the bottom of the double boiler, and set bowl of melted chocolate on a towel.
        • To help hold the temperature after melting chocolate for strawberries, snuggle the towel around lower portion of the pan (like a birds nest).

          Stir chocolate often.

        • It may help also to tip the bowl of chocolate (to make puddle deeper), and then scrunch the towel up around the bottom to keep it tipped while you finish
    Picture of Strawberry Chocolate Dipped

    Remove strawberries, one at a time, from paper towels and begin dipping each as you unwrap.

    Take care to touch-dry strawberries one last time before dipping. Be aware, strawberries are delicate and might seep if messed with too much.

    Note: As needed, you may need to gently heat, or remove from the heat, to retain temperature. Melting chocolate for strawberries is always fun, so, go ahead, get the kids involved..., they will always come up with something unexpected..., that's why we like 'em so much as newborns!

    Happy Dipping!

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    Wondering what to do with the leftover chocolate after dipping strawberries?

    Make a small batch of strawberry ganache...,

    why not!

    Make them part your sinful gift ideas to go along with chocolates and freshly dipped strawberries...

    Simply let the ganache cool, and sculpt little edible shapes to set alongside your chocolate dipped strawberries.

    Make shapes into hearts, strawberries, or any other shapes that might fit the occasion. Perfect!

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