Melt Caramel

Melted Caramel

How to melt caramel at home is one thing, but, how often do you need each piece of chocolate candy to come out just the way you intended? And still uphold your artisan style?

I must admit, caramel melting here on this page has its own purpose of getting the caramel into the chocolate mold cavities evenly without making a mess.

Of course your intended use is a key factor in what happens as you proceed from here. 

What You Really Want

First, we need to get the caramel to melt evenly without over cooking it. You will need to know how to accomplish this, and at the same time retain the color with ample flow so that you can get it into your mold cavities.

If nothing else, you will be able to use your melted caramel a lot easier for whatever you decide to create.

How To Melt Caramel


Do I need to tell you to be careful?

Hot Caramel May Cause Injury

Use Caution

Kitchen Tools

  • 1 Pyrex® measuring cup
  • 1 Spatula
  • Microwave Oven


  • 1-pound (2-Cups Melted) Peter's® Caramel®

Melting temperature on the box will tell you to melt the caramel to 125-150 °F (71-82 °C). My preference is to melt the caramel at a little higher temperature, around 165 °F (74 °C). It's a little more runnier and lays out thinner. However, do what is comfortable for you.

Over Heated Caramel

Definitely Use Caution with higher heat so you don't scorch the ingredients as shown here in the picture of caramel.

Left caramel puddle was over heated (note dark color).
Right is in good condition.

What has happened to the puddle on the left is that it actually caramelized more than desired. The texture of the melted caramel is more chewy and condensed.

Later, I will show you a way to measure the caramel a little closer and still not have to mess with it to get the proper amount injected into the mold cavities.


How to Melt Caramel

  • Place caramel in Pyrex® container
  • Place in the microwave oven
  • Heat 45 seconds on high. Remove and squish caramel around (will be pliable but not runny).
  • Reheat 20 seconds. Stir & check temperature
  • Reheat at 10-20 second bursts, stirring & checking temperature after each session.

Desired temperature 125-150 °F (71-82 °C).
Drizzle if not using a squeeze bottle

Remember, Hot Caramel May Cause Injury. Use Caution

That's it! Once you get the hang of it, melting caramel is very easy to do.

Tips And Tries

Have you ever tried to mold or dip caramel squares in chocolate?

I had so many problems just trying to keep from making a mess or finding the puddle at the bottom of the candy.

As you can see in this quarter pound box of LB's Creative Candies, the molded caramels need no trimming and they have a great appearance.

Pick up a box and see by clicking on the box of candies.

Try this after you melt caramel...

  • Pour some melted caramel into a plastic squeeze bottle
  • put a little melted chocolate into the mold of your choice
  • inject some carmel and top it off with a little more chocolate

Also, remember that caramel still flows after it cools, so make sure the chocolate surrounds it fully.

What i mean is that if the caramel touches the chocolate candy mold cavity, it will ooze out of the finished chocolate candy once it sets for a while at room temperature.

Try to be aware as you fill the candy mold. If you see it touching the cavity wall, use the tip of the squeeze bottle to push it off while you're topping it off with chocolate.

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Simply let it cool! You'll find you have full control and you can use any amount needed.

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