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Family Owned Chocolate Companies Rock

How can Mars Chocolate Company help you with your chocolate candy making?

Get creative! Mars Inc. began all those years ago, as a boy in the kitchen, who loved watching his mother make homemade chocolates.

Frank Mars created something unique and homemade out of his family's chocolate candy recipes.

To this day, the family's love for chocolate emanates throughout the world.

Some history of Mars Chocolate will tell you Frank C. Mars originally began the colossal Mars we know today in Tacoma, Washington.

But it was his son, Forrest Edward Mars, "the black sheep of the family" who focused Mars Inc. into a global giant.

It's not the Mars family history you might expect though. There's a great read over at the English Tea Store ( about the history of Frank and Forrest Mars and Mars Inc.

They did a fantastic job with the history of mars chocolate and the two, Mars Inc. and the English Tea Store, are the bulk source of information here.

You see the simple, yet amazing things can be accomplished out of a kitchen at home!

With so many great chocolate confectionery items to choose from like a delectable Mars Bar, it's no surprise that Mars Inc. makes it possible to include their product, in your custom chocolate candy making style. It's really easy to do!

How You Can Make Mars Candy Your Own Idea

You might not be aware that you can personalize m and ms with your own words to highlight any occasion. You can even put your picture on them! They're called "My M&M's!"

One boy's love for his mother's creative chocolate talent extends outward to you through My M&M's.

Maybe in some small way, Mars Inc. loves to watch the creativity you build with them. Like Frank Mars used to watch his mother make her chocolate candy recipes.

I know some really cool gift ideas that immediately got my creative juices flowing for chocolate candy making.

Put them on top of my own chocolate candies to personalize special orders. Add them to birthday cakes, cupcakes, sprinkle them over ice-cream sundaes, just because and even use them for a graduation party.

Imagine personalized M&M's as gift ideas for Mother's Day chocolate candies, or how about wedding favors. Oh, and don't forget saving a few bags of those yummy m and m s along with the wedding cake for wedding anniversaries to come.

Fun New Tradition!

The steps are sooooo simple. Choose three favorite colors from around twenty-five available colors. Then upload a picture, choose your package for the occasion and PRESTO!

It's so easy to personalize your Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and other holiday occasions, birthdays, company or corporate gifts by adding a logo and motto.

A personalized custom chocolate candy with M&M...

Don't you just love M&M's!

I love adding a personal touch to chocolate candies and I think you will love what you can do with Mars Chocolate too.

But mostly, it doesn't matter if I'm at home, work or at play. If there's a bag of m and m chocolate candies to be found, you can bet I'm there filling my cheeks.

By the way, you might not be able to get bulk chocolate for making your own chocolates, but just in case you need something different from Mars, you can contact them directly here.

Here is a list of brands Mars Inc. offers, along with their chocolate and confections;


Brand Food for Dogs, and WHISKAS® Brand Food for Cats

Here's Mars' Astonishing List of Types of M and M candies & Styles

M&M - Coconut
M&M - Dark Chocolate
M&M - Milk Chocolate
M&M - Milk Chocolate Aqua
M&M - Milk Chocolate Green
M&M - Milk Chocolate Red
M&M - Milk Chocolate Red & Green
M&M - Milk Chocolate Teal
M&M - Pretzel
M&M Chocolate Cup
M&M Eggs - Milk Chocolate
M&M Mini - Milk Chocolate, Tubes
M&M Pastel Colors - Milk Chocolate
M&M Peanut
M&M Peanut Butter
M&M White - Milk Chocolate

Here's a list of Mars Chocolate Candy Bars & Other Candies

Dove Bar - Dark Chocolate
Dove Bar - Milk Chocolate
Dove Bar - Peanut Butter
Dove Caramel (Milk Chocolate with Caramel)
Mars Bar
Mars Bar English Version
Mars Galaxy Bar
Mars Maltesers
Mars Topic Bar
Milky Way Bar
Milky Way Midnight
Milky Way Simply Caramel
Munch Nut Bar
Skittles - Blenders
Skittles - Crazy Cores
Skittles - Fizzl'd Fruits
Skittles - Tropical
Skittles - Wild Berry
Snickers Bar
Snickers Bar - Almond
Snickers Bar - Dark
Starburst Fruit Chews
Starburst Fruit Chews - Sour Sweet Tubes
Starburst Gummibursts
Starburst Sour Gummibursts
Starburst Sweet Fiesta
Three Musketeers
Three Musketeers - Mint with Dark Chocolate
Three Musketeers Truffle Crisp
Twix Bar
Twix Peanut Butter Bar

I thought my LB's Creative Candies was fun to make. I would love to make M&M's Too!

Mars chocolate! What a lifetime supply for the love of chocolate, family and creativity.

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