Chocolate Candy Making
... Made Easy

How to Temper Chocolate

Learning how to temper chocolate is fun, and will always be an educational experience. Just like the movie says " never know what you gonna get," and it is so true!

Chocolate Blackberry Truffles

Some of you might find out that a crisp shiny coating on your chocolate truffle isn't the shiny you expected...

...more like a crisp-satin finish (like the photo), and that's okay..., a lot of them do.

"Charm is a product of the unexpected."
Jose Marti

That "satin" appearance can occur due to a host of conditions, of which, may vary significantly. A smooth coat with a "satin finish," is not the same as the dull, & tacky (sticky) drabness of un-tempered chocolate though.

There will be times you temper just right, and other times when unrealized situations come into play.

So don't worry too much about being perfect every time..., experiment, investigate, and eventually you'll hone in on the culprit(s), if any.

In fact, this version on how to temper chocolate was a challenge of my own.

I put myself in your shoes, and then performed the task of tempering at home in Elma Washington..., pictures and all (not always perfect conditions..., and the kids like to help).

Work surface clean..., everything dry...?

In its simplest form there are

Four Easy Steps on How to Temper Chocolate

  • Heating the chocolate
  • Cooling down about 20 degrees
  • Slightly reheating and stirring
  • Maintain the Final Temperature
In the final stage, we'll hold the temperature while we use our tempered chocolate for coating, coverings (covertures), chocolate candy making, dipping strawberries & truffle centers, or making other favorite chocolate candies.
2 Most Common Methods of Tempering Chocolate

When reading about how to temper chocolate, it will sometimes look & feel overwhelming.

I assure you though, that it's actually just as easy making a batch of chewy chocolate chip cookies...

...having them stay gooey, chewy and delicious..., takes a little diligence.

The main thing is that you have fun learning!


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Tips, Along the Way
You'll find tips that you may already know, such as...

"...if using a double boiler, wipe the bottom dry so that water doesn't to drip off into the chocolate, as it will stiffen & seize...,"

and other things you may not know, such as...

"...what's causing dark spots on the chocolate might be due to a variety of things including ganache from dipping truffle centers, or..."

Whatever you find though, we hope you always find chocolate candy making as fun and adventurous as we have in Elma Washington!
Chocolate Truffle
Letting the truffle cool, and then dipping it again gives you that "second chance" at a shiny coat. It is easier to achieve, especially when the melted chocolate has a low viscosity (thin).
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