Chocolate Candy Making
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How Do I Melt Chocolate
Like Butter?

Picture of melting chocolate while dipping straberry

If you're wondering just how do I melt chocolate, then we need to find out just what recipes for melting chocolate we need, for the right job.

Perhaps you are thinking of dipping strawberries or pretzels for that special occasion, making chocolates for gift ideas, chocolate candy making for the corporate meeting..., or maybe we just want to satisfy the chocolate urge without the hassle of tempering.

The different types of chocolate have different characteristics requiring more than a blanket melt. So first, we need to decide..., do we want to temper the chocolate or simply melt it.

As well, the type of heat source such as stovetop, oven, open flame, microwave ovens, has a lot to do with how we melt chocolate.

You will also need to know the type of kitchen and chef tools to use such as hot water bath, double boiler, Microwave oven, bagging, and more will make a difference on the procedure taken.

All these factors might seem overwhelming. Don't pull your hair out though..., I've already done that for you! You can easily learn how to melt chocolate without too much headache...

Take your time and have fun too. Oh..., there is one last possible way to melt chocolate..., place a small amount chocolate right on the tongue..., melts in seconds ;-))

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When melting chocolate to make molded (moulded) candies, chocolate will take approximately five minutes per 0.25-inches (0.6 cm) to set in a cool environment of around 48-52 °F (8.8-11.11 °C)
All Chocolates are extremely dry foods and will seize up.

Keep counters, kitchen & chef tools dry.

Any time liquids are involved in melting chocolate, it's a good idea to have some towels handy, and read about How To Prevent Melted Chocolate From Seizing

Chocolate Rocks!
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