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White Chocolate Fudge Recipe With Caramel


Are you looking for homemade fudge recipes like old fashion fudge, white chocolate fudge or caramel fudge to go along with your chocolate candy making gift ideas?


Well, get out your favorite fudge recipe index cards cuz your about to get a creamy rich dark chocolate fudge recipe topped with white chocolate and caramel.

I just couldn't help myself.

A generous swirl of white chocolate coating and melted caramel on top of an already wonderful dark chocolate marshmallow fudge recipe.

It's what created this fantastic white chocolate fudge!

Have you ever done something like this, and had it turn out great? Share it! I love swapping my homemade fudge recipe!

Picture of Homemade Caramel Fudge Recipes

Here's how to make this wonderfully delicious chocolate fudge candy.

Simply follow the easy fudge recipe over at old fashion fudge recipe.

Once the old fashion fudge cools, melt 1-cup caramel (18 caramel squares) and 2-cups white chocolate (oops, I used compound chocolate on this one).

Pour and smooth the melted white chocolate (vanilla flavored chocolate works too) over the cooled old fashion fudge.


While it's still warm, slowly pour the melted caramel in a zigzag pattern over the white chocolate fudge.

Create an irresistible caramel fudge swirl using a small rubber spatula (handle of a spoon works great too), and swirl the caramel into the white chocolate.

Picture of Caramel Fudge

Caramel will swirl better warmer. I used Peter's Caramel and heated it close to its highest temperature (without scorching it).

Caramel will drag somewhat so the smaller the point of the tool used for swirling the better. Swirl too much and the caramel will disappear into the chocolate.


My first thought was to swirl the compound chocolate and caramel into the fudge, while the fudge was still molten.

If you try that, remember compound chocolate and real chocolate don't mix/blend. So be very brief about swirling compound chocolate into the fudge. It's best however, to use real white chocolate.

That's it! Cool it for about 30 minutes then cut into desired squares. You may want to add this to your fudge recipes or your chocolate candy making recipes too.

This recipe can esily turn into caramel fudge simply by mixing the caramel directly into the molten fudge. Yummm!

Do you have favorite homemade fudge recipes? I promise olny to bite the fudge recipe! Go ahead...

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