Health Benefits of Chocolate

Is it the health benefits of chocolate, or it's irresistible nature that entices manufacturers to keep the candy isle loaded with some form of chocolate?

Chocolate has such an irresistible texture & flavor as it melts (from solid to liquid) in the mouth.

It's almost a guarantee those wonderful antioxidants will sooth our every ailment, right!?

With all the new styles, changes in chemistry makeup of candy, I often wonder just how long it will be until history repeats itself.

A healthy resurrection of history

What an extreme super food this "Food of the Gods!"

The Mayan people were not perceptive on making solid chocolate.

Did they know to add sugars, milk? Spices such as chilies, cinnamon, and vanilla (in drink form) were all the blend 2000 years ago.

Candy ingredients such as artificial colors & flavors, high fructose corn syrup, BHT are in need of some serious evaluations regarding our health.

Our instincts will always override manipulation. Folks are beginning to ask for chocolate by the percentage of cocoa powder rather than type or style. They want healthy chocolate nowadays.

So, where's that bag of fresh roasted cocoa beans at "Starbucks®"..., that box of chocolate dipped nibs at the movies? Coffee beans are popular, right?

Naysayers proclaim chocolate causes acne, cavities, and weight gain.

Still others proclaim this sinful delight as an aphrodisiac, antidepressant, and other notions that a chocolate candy bar can offer some magical reduction in heart disease, or reduce weight.

Saturated fat in cocoa butter is mainly stearic acid that has a neutral effect on blood cholesterol. And that's a good thing

Dark chocolate with cocoa butter actually helps reduce LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol).

This means that we may be able to eat chocolate moderately in our diets, without any increase in calories in our diet with little to no effect on blood cholesterol levels.

Check out the details over at American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Negative Effects On Health

Remember though, the health benefits of chocolate isn't always a good thing for everyone. Chocolate does have negative effects for some folks. So be mindful of the children and ask before you offer.

Chocolate and dogs too! if you ever wondered if dogs can die eating chocolate, the answer is Yes, dogs should never eat chocolate.

It's always best to use moderation and avoid consuming large amounts of chocolate..., and don't forget to brush them pearly whites!

Chocolate is not necessarily good for everyone..., chocolate can have adverse health effects on some folks..., consult your doctor before including chocolate in your diet.

Here are a few educated links that discuss the health benefits of chocolate a little More.

Stay Healthy Please

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