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Health Benefits Of Strawberries
Juicy Strawberry Red To Deliciously Vibrant Health

Picture of a Basket of Strawberries

The health benefits of strawberries are fast becoming as sweet and juicy..., as the plump red berry itself.

Weighing in at 150 percent vitamin C (daily value) along with 46 calories per cup..., strawberries pack a heavy punch against those free radicals that go around causing trouble in our bodies.

Don't go grabbing a can of strawberry syrup or frozen strawberries though..., the calories can sky rocket well over 200 calories per cup.

High amounts of antioxidants fortify what is known as anthocyanins [an(t)-thə-'sī-ə-nən].

Anthocyanins (aka phytonutrients) are the reason strawberries are juicy red, and pretty much why other fruit & vegetables, plants, and flowers are so vibrant in color.

These anthocyanins stand out in flavonoids properties, which are a large group of phenolic compounds (diverse group of secondary metabolites). Researchers are finding undisputable evidence that these little clusters of health in strawberries (anthocyanins), go to work making our lives healthier, immediately after consumption.

Seeing Red

Hundreds of years ago, the natives of my homeland here in the Pacific Northwest, used anthocyanins mixtures of different plants and extracts for many illnesses, conditions, and healing of internal inflammation.

According to the Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology, reports indicate that less than 1% of consumed anthocyanins are detectable in human blood and urine.

Picture of a Strawberry Sliced

What this means, is that when we bite into a strawberry, the anthocyanins could be teaming up, or interacting (rather than being discarded), with other with other phenolic compounds in our system..., to possibly help prevent diseases. For most of us, the body apparently accepts anthocyanins, unconditionally.

To date, a huge class of phenolic compounds (flavonoid properties) are under the microscope. There is heavy interest in the anthocyanins enticing natural pigment (colour) found throughout strawberries. It's universal in most fruit and vegetable plants.

The life span of a conventional (CON) farmed strawberry is shortened somewhat in comparison to organic (ORG) strawberries which increases to a solid 3 days before showing signs of age. Just right for dipping in chocolate!

Picture of Strawberries Lifespan Chart

That means the health enhancing nutrients will stick around longer to help ward off (prevent) heart disease, brain function, cancers, cardiovascular, digestive & immune systems.

The health benefits of strawberries continue further down the chart of preventative maintenance of health issues including the glycemic index (GI) blood sugar and insulin control over diabetes, colds, influenza, and more.

Strawberries are not necessarily good for everyone..., some fruits such as strawberries can have adverse health effects on some folks, like allergic reactions..., consult your doctor before including strawberries in your diet.

The colour, or anthocyanins, in strawberries pack the antioxidants that assist in keeping us healthy..., So...

The next time someone asks what makes a strawberry red, we can truthfully answer..., the health benefits of strawberries

Imagine a bright red strawberry so juicy, you can smell the taste just as you begin to bite into it. That's one healthy strawberry!

Top them off with a dip in warm, melted chocolate and you have yourself one healthy antioxidant burst of flavor to add to your list of chocolate candy making gift ideas.

Want strawberry nutrition facts, labels and more great information regarding strawberry's health? Check out this great nutritional profile of strawberries that includes a wonderful breakdown of nutrients and facts about strawberries.


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Wear Strawberries for
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It's a very helpful site for recipes on strawberry skin care and a lot more strawberry information!

I didn't know strawberries utilize the help of salicylic acid in strawberries..., it's a healthy way to make your skin pores smaller, to give your face a brighter look.

There's even natural skin care, teeth whitening with strawberries, treating acne with strawberries, and strawberry exfoliating mask.

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