Genetically Modified Food

What is genetically modified food? How can you tell if the ingredients used in candy you make has it?

We already know that nature is anything that is not made by man.

Does that mean that genetically engineered plants and animals are not of nature?

Hold it!

I see a "deja-vu" coming (new situation-may have occurred before). I'm old enough to remember the push for fluoride.

Fluoride was supposed to be good for us! Fifty years later, there is so much controversy about it rotting teeth, causing cancer, etc., and we drink it everyday.

Medically, I don't want to find out who is correct. I do everything consciously possible to find out if the food that goes into my candies is non-GM.

Genetically Modified Food Meaning - Information

genetic engineering meaning

"The science of altering and cloning genes to produce a new trait in an organism or to make a biological substance, such as a protein or hormone. Genetic engineering mainly involves the creation of recombinant DNA, which is then inserted into the genetic material of a cell or virus."
The American Heritage® Science Dictionary Copyright © 2005 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

The Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) position on health safety nutrition, Nutrition Fact Label and food ingredient labels is still vague regarding genetic modified food (at least to me).

There is huge consideration going on in their (FDA) world which clarifies (or not) their stance regarding food ingredient labels, nutrition fact label, nuts nutrition etc., and basically, "scientific issues relevant to public health."

Research will tell you it's "about the science of combining desirable genetic traits into a variety that can be used in agriculture." Plant breeding of our non-organic farming supplies.

Overall, the focus of science is in two areas or "classes," in agriculture, whereby the stability in the farming or yield of the plant itself & the plants resistance to things like diseases, insects, and herbicides.

History Of Genetically Modified Food Techniques

I'm not going to talk about genetically modified animals..., yet. It's too deep. I hope you'll be able to see the concept and/or effects behind some history of genetically engineered agriculture.

At least well enough that an understanding of genetic modified animals are more apparent.

So, there are a couple of techniques. First, "mutagenic techniques," "explants," which means removing living tissue from the natural site of growth and placing in a medium for culture.

These techniques of genetic modified food (plants) include "random mutagenesis, resulting from treatment with chemical and physical mutagens" as well as "somaclonal variation."

Likewise, genetically modified plants can be obtained in the form of new plant types altogether. This is called "somaclonal variation." However, it would be harder or impossible to generate by conventional plant breeding. Somaclonal variation is not being that of clone variations, but a completely new type of plant in and of itself.

Mutagenic techniques are "limited, however, by their inability to target a desired trait. Somaclonal variants also frequently are unstable or infertile."

Early on in the history of genetically modified foods, there are "unexpected effects" in as much as traits that are undesirable that may be introduced along with the desired traits

What Are The Allergen Issues

There are many other potential issues to the FDA must consider. Allergens, for one, transferred to a variety of plants that didn't normally produced that allergen that the general public wouldn't know to avoid food from that variety.

Overall, these considerations took place in the form of Notices way back in FDA Federal Register, Volume 57 - 1992, Friday, May 29, 1992. In hopes of industry feedback and consultations.

Effects Of GM Food

Some of preliminary benefits of genetically modified foods listed are disease resistant plants, resist insect infestation, improved food processing, improved nutritional content, or enhanced protection against adverse weather conditions specifically with genetically modified fruits and vegetables.

Sounds innocent enough as an average person here on earth. But perhaps GE foods are a fate we can live healthy enough without. We have thousands of years of proof in that area!

Dangers Of GM Foods

So what are some of the dangers of genetically modified foods?

As far as I can see, from researching GMO food, the FDA has only a voluntary requirements on food nutrition facts & food ingredient labels. Apparently only if the nutrients change substantially.

That means that we may or may not have any idea that genetically modified food may be in the nuts nutrition when we make chocolates and candies.

My supplier (repackaging) might not even know... I hope someone corrects me here.

But, isn't that one of the major dangers of genetically modified foods all by itself?

Why would I say that?

Learning From An Old Scar

Here's a "food for thought." digression.

For as many years as I can remember, the general public were encouraged to use fluoride. Fluoride was pushed so much that it is obtained right straight from the water tap in homes all over the USA.

Nowadays, it's an absolute threat to our very lives. From tooth rot, to cancer, to poisoning. YIkes! points out "Fluoride, the active ingredient in many pesticides and rodenticides, is a powerful poison - more acutely poisonous than lead. Because of this, accidental over-ingestion of fluoride can cause serious toxic symptoms."

As well, makes this point. "This steady stream of science represents a growing consensus within the mainstream public health and dental community that the health risks of fluoride in tap water may substantially outweigh the modest dental benefits of tap water fluoridation."

Twenty Years Of Consumption - Not Labeled

Really! What's the hold up?

I can't help but see the "writing on the wall", where genetically modified foods manifest, over the years, inadvertent mutated DNA in humans. Is it "Quality Control", or "People Control?"

Far fetched concept? It's been over 20 years since the onset of genetically modified food. The FDA still has no food ingredient label or nutrition label requirements other than voluntary admission, to my knowledge.

Like fluoride in our waters (where's the EPA on that), time will ultimately judge the outcome of genetic modified food. Education Starts Here.

Here is a great place to start learning more about the history of genetically modified food.

I still have questions so I'll close this article with these questions

With so much unknown, how is it that anything altered could get past the Food and Drug Administration?

What side of the fence are the judging panel of scientists on?

Just because it might not change the allergens, does that really render it safe for human or animal consumption?

What goes in, will come out...

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