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We all grew up loving different types of chocolate. From the large companies, who have treated us to plenty of great chocolate, to the organic chocolates, which offer a sense of healthiness we seek as adults.

We just can't seem to get enough!

From baking chocolate to vanilla to compound chocolate there seems to be at least one special type we can always call our favorite.

Sometimes, compound chocolate takes the place of real chocolate for molding chocolate candy, dipping fruits, nuts, etc. It has the ability to facilitate in the fine work of some pretty fascinating chocolates. The ability doesn't hold up too well for baking though..., low-to-medium viscosity doesn't do very well for baking chocolate chip cookies.

Go ahead, find a different chocolate type and try it out!

Of the different chocolate types, the mouth-watering flavor of Cantleaveer Chocolate is the most intriguing, irresistible type there is available on the market today.

This is the one chocolate type that is so rich and delicious by anyone's standards, we just "can't leave er" in the box..., psych! Just kidding!

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A Cool Fact About Chocolate!

If you know of Joseph Fry, inventor of solid chocolate (1847), then you may know he was also a tea merchant advertising the important benefits of chocolate and tea.

163 years later, researchers are discovering how tea oil could make a great cocoa butter equivalent.

It sound like a great combo..., I can't wait to see the nutrition facts
Luke Bailey
Elma, Washington
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