Chocolate Candy Making
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Crispy Clusters
Crispy Chocolate Clusters

Picture of Crispy Cluster Candy

It's amazing how easy crispy clusters are to make. These little crispy chocolate bites take about as long to make as it does to melt chocolate.

Decorate them any way you want! Drizzle chocolate over the top for a delightful chocolate candy or simply leave them as they are.

It's a great treat either way, and a good one to keep in the recipe box.

Use your favorite chocolate to get the best flavor. Remember, compound chocolate is easy to melt and doesn't need tempering.

Then find a quick way to melt, and/or temper your chocolate for these fine little mouth watering bites.

Kitchen Tools
  • Parchment paper (or waxed)
  • 1-Tablespoon Ice Cream-Cookie Scoop (Spoon substitute)
  • 4 Cup Pyrex Measuring Cup
  • Spatula
Icecream Cookie Scoop Ingredients
  • 1 Pound (2-cups melted) Chocolate (white, milk, or dark)
  • 2 Cups Rice Krispies®
  • Melt the chocolate. Slowly add rice crispies as you gently stir into the melted chocolate to blend all the crispy rice.
  • Drop 1-Tablespoon Ice Cream-Cookie Scoop packed full onto the parchment (waxed) paper.

  • Top with drizzled chocolate (white, milk, or dark).
    • Alternativley, top with candy sprinkles, candied coconut, dash of cocoa powder, cinnamon, etc. (imagination unlimited).

  • Cool for about 20 minutes.

Makes about 35-40 nice bite sized chocolate crispy clusters. What a great idea for chocolate candy gift ideas, and chocolates.

Enjoy Chocolate Candy Making!

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I know it's tempting, but stay away from touching after you pour a mold, dip your fruit or whatever..., let them cool.

Once cooling time goes by, test it with gloves on (synthetic, powder-free, vinyl).

Here's How!

Using the side of you little (pinky) finger, gently touch the chocolate briefly to see if it feels cool to the touch.

But that's it..., leave it alone (even after).

Remember, cocoa butter has a melting point lower than your body temperature.

Touching the chocolate (even cooled) will definitely "leave a mark." The same goes for compound chocolate.

You've Been Delightfully Scolded!

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