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Chocolate Candy Making Experiences, Into Solutions

Do you need to contact us or have a question about chocolate candy making or chocolates?

Chocolate Candy Store! This is my LB's Creative Candies Line in the display at my store

Ask me anything (nice of course), or share your unique candy gift ideas about how to make chocolate candies

Share with the rest of the world!

This is the place where (I believe) you can tell all, and together we can help others by sharing in the mix to make great chocolates, chocolate candy and other fantastic gift ideas.

Break out those creations, tips and tricks for making chocolates you've been holding out on and get em on the marble slab.

Some of you may want your goodies to stay secret..., that's okay. I promise not to post information, questions, and comments if you don't want me too. But remember, my mom used to say...

"...go stand in the corner, and think about sharing with others";)


Do you love to experiment with different blends of your favorite chocolates, caramel, etc., and then try them out on family and friends? Then contact us! Let us all know.

That's how I came up with LB's Creative Candies! let us all know.


Creating with different blends of chocolate is how I've made some fantastic chocolate candies by accident..., right here in Elma Washington! So your your secret's safe with ALL of us!

I don't mind saying "my wife, Julieann, is the brunt of my experiments at times." It's fun to see her expressions..., if she says they're "bad," then I know I have a great chocolate. Go ahead share...


...what types of chocolate candies or chocolates have you come up with by accident, or intended that turned out great, or even not so great.

Molding those crative juices and let us know what you got. You may know things about chocolate candy making that we  don't.

Your personal information is safe. I will not share it with anyone, ever, I promise.

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