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Compound chocolate has a cocoa butter replacer as well as some types of chocolate with cocoa butter equivalent, and it's a great universal alternative to real chocolate (with cocoa butter) and this confectioner's chocolate candy has many uses & names too.


This sweet variation adds delight to learning the basics of chocolate candy making and completely removes the frustration of tempering. No tempering is nice!

It's often referred to as chocolate summer coating, decorator's chocolate, confectioner's chocolate, and confectionery coating (to name a few).

It is not couverture chocolate–classy term for chocolates rich in cocoa butter, but it's conveniently easy to use in the same applications as couverture.

The reason..., manufacturers substitute the cocoa butter with a cocoa butter replacer (CBR) such as vegetable oil (palm kernel oil and hydrogenated palm oil) or whatever.

Dark Chocolate Appeals Milk Chocolate Appeals Vanilla Chocolate Appeals Milk Chocolate Appeals Orange Chocolate Appeals

Which simply means that we can melt it, mold it, dip it (fruits, raisins, nuts, pretzels...), enrobe chocolate candy centers..., all without tempering. Let your imagination run rampant..., the gift ideas you come up with are unlimited!

Remember, either type of chocolate and chocolate candy with or without a cocoa butter equivalent is very dry even in a liquid state. We can seize compound chocolate just as easy as real chocolates. So please be sure to dry all utensils, bowls and fruits before melting & dipping.

Real-chocolate and compound-chocolate look very similar, but the two are completely different, so try to find a way to keep track of the warm chocolate in that "Pyrex" bowl on the counter.

"A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it."
Albert Einstein

These cocoa butter replacers in compound chocolate are a specific type of fat, that will self harden when cooled. Trust your supplier though, CBR's can also help disguise the flavor of poorly leavened (fermented) or roasted cocoa beans.

Depending on whom you ask cocoa butter replacers (CBR's) don't melt as easily in your mouth, or in your hand as chocolate with cocoa butter (My Kids Didn't Get that Memo).


Why doesn't compound chocolate melt as easy? The melting point of cocoa butter is slightly lower than the human body temperature (living of course), and immediately starts to melt when you touch it.

Whereas, a CBR or cocoa butter equivalent (CBE) has a somewhat higher melting point, specific to the type of replacer used, and may be hydrogenated palm kernel, sunflower, and safflower oils for example.

Heavenly Bites Chocolate Candies

Without getting too deep into it, and believe me I would— cocoa butter " is high in saturated fat... one-third of chocolate's fat comes from stearic acid..., stearic acid does not raise LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) as do most other saturated fats." (

As cocoa butter prices climb, science works diligently to come up with a compatible replacement that will be healthier, and an accepted compound chocolate.

However where nature and chocolate connoisseur are concerned, there will never be a replacement or cocoa butter equivalent. That's not to mention the shortfall on the health benefits of chocolate compound.


Still, it's nice to know exactly what ingredients we might be consuming with compound chocolate. If you're concerned, I recommend reading and understanding chocolate nutrition facts on any of your favorite types of chocolates. Remember the weakest link..., chocolate is also only as good as its ingreadients (nuts, milk, heavy cream, etc...).

We can't escape the treachery of saturated fat because it is in so much of the foods we eat, but we can do our best to stay below the recommended daily allowances.

"Everything in moderation, including moderation"

A new form of coca butter replacer/equivalent is currently undergoing scrutiny in the lab..., I think it's worth the look!

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Chocolate candy making is similar to building a business...

...finding the right mix of ingredients..., carefully blending..., putting the finish on to get the look and feel just right...

...all takes time and practice.

Friend in chocolate candy making

While we are building, we try to keep in mind, that we're not out to give our competition "the eye", or mock them.

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We actually shop their stores, and try NOT selling what they sell.

In a small community like Elma, Washington, it makes economic sense..., and it's a considerate thing to do (at least, that's the way we see it).


Just like chocolate candy making, I used to think websites were far too technical, and I don't have the tools...

Making Chocolate Candies

...I was wrong. Turns out, I didn't even have to know how, and the tools & help are free...

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