Chocolate Strawberries
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What do you love about making chocolate strawberries?

Is it the health benefits of strawberries, the easy ways to creating your own luscious dark chocolate dipped strawberries?

Maybe creating those "Kodak Moments" with the kids... Or could it be those cherished romantic moments on a special date?

Just the notion of chocolate dipped strawberries can lead the way to romantic dinning, special occasions, or even intimate lovers indulgence.

That makes me want to go on a white-chocolate covered strawberries dipping spree!

Before we get indulged, I would like to invite you to share your experiences with dipped strawberries.

Go ahead, show us how you made them, ask questions, post you pictures of dipped strawberries...

What is it about Chocolate & strawberries

Have you ever made tuxedo strawberries or dipped strawberries for wedding favors, special occasions, gift ideas, or just for fun?

Maybe you helped someone with melting chocolate for strawberries, and now your yummy delight holds the record for the most luring chocolate dipped strawberry recipe.

Do Tell Your Story

Sometimes there's a fun story that goes along with the pictures too. Like the time my kids got involved the day I was melting chocolate chips.

I'll never forget that day! Watching my children dip strawberries is a festive event all by itself.

Getting the dipped strawberries to a serving platter was the hard part of making them at home! Give me Fresh Juicy Strawberries dipped in rich creamy dark chocolate any day!

My wife says I talk more than anyone she knows. So, enough about me.

How About You?

Ever have a special event that may have involved making chocolate dipped strawberries. Share the story!

Maybe you had a contest, or entered one, that was a big hit for you! Showcase the event or post your winning (or blunder) story along with pictures!

It may be the help someone is looking for. I don't know it all, so your ideas, thoughts, or experience will be greatly appreciated by others as well as myself.

So, do you...

Have A Great Tip On Chocolate Strawberries?

Made an irresistable delight? Share your story, tip or insite on dipping chocolate strawberries!

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