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There's nothing like proper chocolate storage, or preparing for it, right after you find the chocolate candy with bloom.


Ever wonder why those chocolates look like someone powder-puffed them, or why they have that shiny "sugar glazed" look?

Chocolate bloom might sometimes look chalky, white, streaky, or whatever Essentially, it's the separation of the cocoa butter taking place at temperatures higher than 70 °F (21 °C).

Optimal storage temperature is about 60-65 °F (15-18 °C). Try to store in a dry place with minimal lighting, and no heavy oders such as mint flavored chocolates.

Take the time to re-wrap the chocolate with whatever it came in, but also seal it up too..., zip-lock freezer bags, or even a vacume seal if available.


Air-tight containers work for short-term (3 months or so) so only keep minimal chocolates in them at a time unless you have plans for gift ideas in the near future.

Once sealed, pack the different types of chocolate in separate boxes. For example, place dark chocolate with dark chocolate in it's own box, white with white in it's own box, etc.


At home, it isn't always easy to find the one optimal place to store your chocolates. If you are short on ideas, remember to avoid high areas as they would be the warmest.

A low spot in the pantry is a great place as long as it is not where things like onions are stored. Pantry's are usually cooler than other areas of the home.

Chocolate storage in refrigerators will likely ruin your work. Using the freezer can cause problems once removed..., condensation could build causing sugar bloom and even seizing if you melt it.

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