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Do you need chocolate companies that sell bulk or wholesale chocolate candy?

I do too and that;s why you can come here to find extra fine Couverture Chocolate for a special occasion or even the simple task of finding more about a specific company.

From the oldest companies around, to the new up and coming organic chocolate outlets!

The reasons for needing assistance from a candy company are endless!

Whether you need confectionery sweets or some interesting facts about chocolate. It's here!

Some companies require your membership while others are perfectly fine with sending you some free sample chocolate. So, I think you're in the right place!

Here is a little bit information about some of them as well as the contact link to their site.

Let's have a look, there's sure to be the company you need right here at

Where To Look For All Needs Chocolate

Alter Eco
France based Fair Trade, Soy, Soya free, and Vegan Chocolate at your finger tips!

Order time may be a factor if you want to purchase Alter Eco Products. Here's a link to Alter Eco for easy ordering through Amazon

Guittard Chocolate
Delivers intense bittersweet chocolate flavor to smooth and creamy white chocolate nonpareil disc that are sure to be a hit with for the professional pastry chef as well as the homemade chocolatier...

Mars Chocolate
Company delivers an array of popular confectionery brands, candy bars, chocolate goodies like M&Ms, Mars Bars..., and it all began in a local kitchen in Tacoma, Washington by a man named Frank Mars, a great example of how success can happen right out of your own kitchen, and don't forget Forrest Mars who went Global!

One of Venezuela "oldest chocolate manufacturers" using "premium grade, locally grown raw material in their products, single bean origin uses only 100% Venezuelan cacao..." Contact El Rey Chocolate.

Truly a "melt in your mouth" chocolate experience, the refined "chocolate flakes... are 19 microns (human hair is 100 microns in diameter)... Other mass market chocolates are refined to only 40 microns. Have a look at "Ghirardelli Chocolate.

The "only Belgian owned company manufacturing couverture chocolate.... based on the tradition of true Belgian craftsmanship... real Belgian chocolate including chocolate discs and chocolate blocks... blending first class cocoas with pure cocoa butter to attain the delicious Belgian flavours... producing a progressive range of Chocolates in the true tradition of Belgian craftsmanship." Contact Belcolade Chocolate at

One of the newest chocolate companys on the West Coast. "A new kind of chocolate company for a new generation of chocolate enthusiasts... pure chocolate goodness with distinct flavor notes... powerful combination of obsessive science + passion is a chocolate that is bursting with complex, lush flavors, yet is easy to use, with excellent workability.... Organic 66% Blend is unsurpassed in flavor and function..." Contact TCHO Chocolate.

Grand Cru Couvertures, catering to chocolatiers and confectioners, must be a member to inquire at Felchlin Chocolate

"family run and has grown to become one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in North America... From raw beans to finished product, Blommer best serves its customer needs. To see how Blommer's expertise and over 50 years of experience can become a trusted ingredient in your recipe for success," contact Blommer Chocolate

"more than 160 years... become known as one of the most innovative and creative companies making premium chocolate... the entrepreneurial spirit and passion for making chocolate... invented the first truly melting chocolate" Find out how the Lindt Chocolate can help your business.

"Barry Callebaut's Swiss Gourmet & Specialties brand for artisans, chefs and pastry chefs... more than seventy years... recognized as a reference brand.... pastry and confectionary sectors....partner of choice for making highly creative desserts" Contact Carma Chocolate.

Since "1997..., artisan chocolate making process... preserved... control of quality and taste from start to finish... specific flavors of each origin combine to create chocolate with balance and pleasing complexity" Contact Scharffen Berger Chocolate company.

Since "1947... become renowned as the world leader of Grand Chocolat... supreme reference in Grand Chocolat for 20,000 customers in 60 countries... travels the world seeking out the finest land... selecting that rare cocoa with its unique remarkable organoleptic profile..." Impressive! Contact Valrhona Chocolate today.

"Archer Daniels Midland (AMD)... produce the food ingredients, animal feeds and feed ingredients, biofuels and other products that manufacturers around the world use to provide wholesome food and a better life to millions of people around the globe... ADM is a premier global supplier of chocolate and cocoa ingredients under the brands of Ambrosia®, De Zaan®, and Merckens®... grind about 15 percent of the world's total cocoa crop..."ADM

"Ambrosia® brand has earned a reputation as the most complete line of quality chocolate products for the bakery, confectionary, dairy, foodservice and retail private-label markets." For More information, contact Ambrosia

"deZaan™ cocoa powders are available in a variety of color shades... from vibrant reds to dark browns and black... with various accompanying taste profiles and intensities." For More information, contact deZaan

"Merckens®... used by premium chocolate retail confectioners... offerings include Marquis®, Yucatan®, and Ivory® chocolate coatings" For More information, contact Merckens

"1952 Cacao Barry is active from bean to gourmet chocolate... most comprehensive range of superior chocolates delivered alongside service products... A unique service to create your own chocolate Plantations... Unique couverture chocolate from an exclusive plantation... Couvertures available in a wide variety of choice... Pure nuts products, baking sticks, cocoa powders and a decoration range..." Contact Cacao Barry Chocolate company now!

"Van Leer offers a full range of pure chocolates, coatings and sugar free products that meet the everyday needs of North American confection, bakery and pastry professionals..." Contact Van Leer Chocolate company ASAP.

"manufacturing premium quality chocolate, compound and cocoa products for over 100 years. Wilbur's innovative product line serves the needs of the confectionery, bakery, food manufacturing and dairy markets throughout North America." To make an order contact Wilbur Chocolate company right away!

"Callebaut is part of Barry Callebaut... the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa, chocolate and confectionery products... inspired by the perfectionism of Belgian chocolate makers, to develop the premium chocolates they can rely on..." Callebaut Chocolate.

"provide consumers with the best tasting, most nutritious choices in a wide range of food and beverage categories and eating occasions, from morning to night... employ around 280,000 people and have factories or operations in almost every country in the world..." Contact Nestle Chocolate company. 

"Milton Hershey... known for the delicious milk chocolate bar that bears his name.... open-hearted generosity which still touches the lives of thousands... leading North American manufacturer of chocolate and non-chocolate confectionery and grocery products..."Hershey Chocolate company.

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