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Chocolate Candy Recipes

Are you searching for Homemade chocolate candy recipes? Me Too!

That's why I'm opening my chocolate recipes box!

So you can use it for getting candy recipes as well as a step by step learning guide to chocolate candy making.

Use it to find out how you can melt candy making chocolate, and then turn it into an irresistible candy.

Your own unique style anyway you like.

  • Candy Making Chocolate, Melt it!
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Dip it!
  • Make Chocolate Candy Bites, Mold it!

Create your own elegant custom chocolates.There's a new chocolate recipe just waiting to be created from your imagination, and I'll walk you through the steps.

In The Box

You'll soon be able to see how basic candy making chocolate or plain homemade chocolate candy recipes are instantly transformed into the lucious appeal and delicious taste you crave as a chocolatier.

You'll find,

  • Easy ways to use chocolate molds with your chocolate candy recipes
  • How to melt caramel for carmel bars
  • How to put food ingredient labels together.

You can bet there's something to learn from making chocolate candy recipes!

Learning my way around the kitchen as a kid always prompted input from mom.

My favorite tip from her

  • Get out the recipe cards
  • All the ingredients before you start.
  • Put each ingredient away after they're used, so you won't forget that you already used them

I love great advice! and I love her homemade candy recipes too. That's why I want to show & share my recipes.

Recipe Box To Chocolate Box

With a little imagination and some motivation, you can easily create a candy line like LB's Creative Candies!

Just like anyone, I'm always open to suggestions and tips. So if you have any let us know!

Others will love to share in your good taste too.

Can we give your recipe a try?

Showcase your original recipe

Put It Here!

All About Chocolate Candy Recipes


Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

From the health benefits of low-carb, no-dairy combinations, to a bowl of dreamy, rich, & creamy, warm chocolate recipes

That just have to be like a Jacuzzi for strawberries!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Maybe you want to know how to make these nutritious delights from the very beginning.

No problem! Here's what to you can do, in a few easy steps.

Molding Chocolate Candy Recipes

Crispy Crunch

Makes a perfect three-piece candy..., the childrens eyes light up when they realize they get three instead of one chocolate candy! Making chocolates or chocolate candy for gift ideas is so easy, you may not want to stop!

Cripy Clusters

What a great idea for chocolate candy gift ideas, and chocolates. Top with candy sprinkles, candied coconut, dash of cocoa powder, cinnamin, etc. (imagination unlimited).

Caramel Crisp

A soft, crisp, and crunchy bite that's sure to bring you back to the good ole days..., when chocolate candies were simple, a great crispy chocolaty carmel bar and your own custom chocolate candy to sink your teeth into...

White Chocolate Candy

Here's some simple recipes you can make with or without a chocolate candy mold.

Dipping strawberries for tuxedo delights for your sweetie to a Macadamia Nut surprise.

Let your imagination run wild to get the most out of chocolate candies you make.

Coming Soon

  • Peanut Carmel
  • Turtles
  • Orange Cream
  • Peanut Butter Meltaway

UN-Molded Chocolate Recipes

  • Old Fashion Turtles
  • Old Fashion Peanut Clusters
  • Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

Adding Caramel

Melt Caramel

Working with temperatures, keep from scorching the ingredients, tips on how to handle with the help of plastic squeeze tubes...

This type of caramel is Peter's Creamy Buttery Caramel.

It is great for making turtles, caramel pecan candies, candy caramels, carmel bars and more

Candy Bars

Chocolate Candy Bar

Wondering how in the world they got that great stuff into the middle of a scrumptious chocolate candy bar?

Four easy ways to form or mold candy chocolate into bars, try it, they don't, bite but you can!

Candy Making Chocolate

Are you looking for a specific type of chocolate, or can't decide what type of chocolate to use?

Personal preferences may differ whether the chocolate is extra fine, organic, standard, compound chocolates, or confectioners coating.

You can use all different types of chocolates with homemade chocolate candy recipes!

Chocolate Cookies

Simple, Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie

Do you like an easy to make tender chocolate chip cookie that lasts for days? Okay, wait! Maybe until there gone?

Me too and that is why it is so important to know what to do in order to get them to the point of soft and pliable.

Call them easy, simple, soft chewy chocolate chip cookies or whatever you like. I call them deliciously mouth-watering classic chocolate chip cookies!

Follow the directions closely, and you'll have yourself one of the best cookies you ever had.

Holiday Candies

Valentines Chocolate

Just imagine the looks you'll get from your sweetie when you make your very own chocolate candy, or those wonderfully juicy tuxedo strawberries...

Find links to recipes for chocolate dipped strawberries, candy boxes, candy making chocolate and molds to accomplish your favorite Valentine gifts right here!

Need I say more... Yes! Don't forget the bouquet of flowers!

Make Chocolate Candy

Learning new chocolate candy recipes is not as hard as you might think... It is almost as easy as making someone smile! So, find it, melt it, temper it, dip it, or mold it and you have candy for all kinds of occasions...

Ingredients, Nutrition Labels & Other Useful Tools

Nutrition Facts Label

How to be sure honest good-faith information and food nutrition facts exist, how to spot deceptive wording that hides the true ingredients.

How to create ingredient labels, find recipe nutrition calculator, what is genetically modified food and how it could have an effect on the Chocolate Candy Recipes you make.

Squeeze Bottles

There are some things to be aware of while using squeeze bottles.

  • Tips and tricks for candy making controlling chocolate flow
  • Filling chocolate carmel bars, caramel pecans, turtles, caramel crisps, carmels
  • How to handle hot caramel in tubes,
  • avoid overflows
  • and a lot more

Do you have a special recipe in your box of chocolate candies others would enjoy?

Go ahead, Don't be stingy, share...

Your Favorite Chocolate Candy Recipes

Found an original family treat you love to make for family and friends? Share it!

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Did you know?

After pouring the melted chocolate into the mold, we need to tap them gently.

Here's how!

With both hands on each side of the mold, lift the entire mold with your fingertips about one-2 inches over the counter, and then let the mold drop.

As you repeat this procedure a few times, air bubbles will begin to show up, pop, and then disappear.

This helps the overall finish by getting the chocolate to settle completely into the smaller areas of the molds cavity.

It also reduces air bubble introduced while stirring during the melt.