Chocolate Candy Molds

You spent time creating chocolates in your chocolate candy molds (chocolate molds), right?

Now you're dealing with over-flows, unattractive blobs, muffin tops, mold marks, candies won't release from chocolate candy moulds.

You need to know how to mold candy making chocolate, or simply need some candy mold tips & candy mold recipes.

Some common can be answered right here!

FAQs Answered

Here in my kitchen I answer questions like

  • How to wash your chocolate molds?
  • What are simple steps to prep molds before filling candy mold cavities?
  • How to prevent chocolates and chocolate candies from looking like blobs.
  • How to make chocolate candy look more attractive.

Let's give some of them chocolate mold issues the heav-ho.

You'll see how I make LB's Creative Candies using the same type of molds!

From the simplest of chocolate bar molds to the meticulous professional chocolate molds, there are so many varieties to choose from.

The sheer volume of choices is enough to dizzy the mind.

Chocolate lollipop molds, chocolate bar molds, chocolate truffle molds, and the list goes on. 

Yet, there's only a small hand full of types that make up the vast array of chocolate mold catalogs.

Plastic chocolate molds, silicone chocolate molds, metal chocolate molds, magnetic chocolate molds, and maybe etc.

Plastic chocolate molds are cheap and the simplest of all the molds you can buy.

Find out how to use chocolate molds, tips you might not know about, and answer many other questions you may have.

Find tips for molding chocolate candies as well as how to mold candy making chocolate to make candy like we do it.

All About Chocolate Candy Molds

Candy Mold Tips
Plastic candy molds, how to use them, tips you might not know about, and answer to many other questions you may have, how to clean them, how to fill them, how to prep, how to...

Mold Chocolate
Walk through the steps we take to build one of our chocolate candies that you see so much of on this site, use any mold you like and melt some chocolate, just practice and before you know it your candies will come out looking like you turned pro.

Squeeze Bottles
Tips and tricks for candy making controlling chocolate flow, filling chocolate carmel bars, caramel pecans, turtles, caramel crisps, carmels, how to handle hot caramel in tubes, avoid overflow..."

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