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Hmmm..., what type of candy making chocolate to use...?

It's one thing to learn how to make chocolate candy that is appealing to the eye. It's a whole different story when selecting the perfect chocolate for your candies.

It seems like some chocolates overall taste, aroma, texture, mouth feel, and flavor introduce a broad range of characteristics with each and every brand.

But there's always that one elusive aroma. A special chocolate blend that antagonizes the senses.

You know, the one with a warm luring scent, the one that beckons the tongue and you, to create a perfect, one of a kind, homemade chocolate candy recipe.

Where is that one anyway?

You see, every manufacturer picks a unique combination of cacao beans (cocoa beans) that ultimately make up the basic chocolate.

Additional ingredients such as spices, vanilla, milk powder, sugar, etc. may be added which make up the composition of different chocolate types.

But, my taste and preferences may differ from yours; yours may differ from others, and vice versa. The amount of chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, and cocoa solids that each type of chocolate contains are big factors these days.

Which Type of Candy Making Chocolate -- Decision, Decisions

If you are new to confectionery, or just can't seem to settle on a type of candy making chocolate, consider trying some sweet chocolate, from any given chocolate company to see if you like the aroma, texture, mouth feel, and flavor.

Try bittersweet and other special blends they may have to offer, and pay attention to subtle milky, fruity, spicy, or other specific flavor notes they may contain.

Graduate down the list of chocolate companies and try each type (sweet, semisweet, bittersweet, milk, white, etc.) to see which of them fits what you truly envision the quality of your candy making chocolate to be.

Some of the manufacturers of chocolate may be willing to send you a sample of their types (maybe). Others won't send samples to the public unless a minimum order is made. A work around is to find a supplier if your intent is to go into the chocolate candy making business.

Get use to the distinctions of each type of chocolate has. From the gradual flavor of extra fine chocolate and organic chocolate to the smooth and creamy compound chocolates, deciding which to choose is one of the best parts about chocolate... and you get a better understanding of what you might like to use. Just like eating tasty mistakes..., it's yummy chocolate experimenting fun!

Chocolate Flavored Candy

Some companies may have chocolate flavored coatings (compound chocolate) with cocoa butter replacers, so be aware of what you are going to purchase.

Compound chocolate coating is a great moulding chocolate and works well with chocolate candy molds.

These types of coating chocolates are not real chocolate however, but they do make a great starting point if you are new to confections or just want to practice without tempering.

Presenting Chocolate Candies

Presentation of the chocolate candies that you make will also have a lot to do with the consumer likes.

A variety of candies with a range of popular flavors (cream centers, caramels, nuts, fruits) go a long way in the decision making process.

I kept experimenting with different moulds and concepts until I came up with the simple custom chocolate candy designs that were easy to accomplish with the overall chocolate candy.

I believe you can too! Remember, it's about you and your style, so find the chocolate that fits your personal taste and run with it.

So "what type of candy making chocolate to use...?" Any of them! It's personal!

Happy Sampling!

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