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About Us
At Image Flowers & LB's Chocolate
Making Chocolate Candy Making A Solution For You Since 1997

Mr. Candy Man (Luke) and Flower Girl (Julieann) began our company March of 1997

Hi! It's an honor you've come here to find out more about us. Thank you

I hope we're helping build your imagination for chocolate candy making. Stick around; things on this page are just as valuable.

Elma, Washington is where we live and Image, Flowers & Fine Chocolates is our physical company..., stop by! We're at 117 N 3rd Street in Elma Washington

You might be wondering where the link to Image Flowers website is at. We are working on the service so please be patient.


Until then we use  wire service. There is a fee, but, here's a way to get around that because I'm sure you like to save money.

Here's how to do that

  • Search Teleflora or a different wire service on line for the flowers you want
  • Call us at Image Flowers at 888-213-8644.
  • Give us the website the flowers were on and we'll quote you a delivered price.
  • It's that simple! You'll save at least $35.00 right off the top.

Yes, we make chocolates & chocolate candy right here at our flower shop. Actually, we have a kitchen for making the chocolate candies..., we only add the flowers AFTER, they're made ":-)

It's fun learning and experimenting with new ideas to make different types of chocolates for gifts. I tend to like the old style candies. Gives me that good ole warm & fuzzy feel of mom & dad.

Making a Change without Spoiling the Mix

Putting together chocolates and candies is similar to building a business... Finding the right mix of ingredients..., carefully blending..., putting the finish on to get the look and feel just right... All takes time and practice.

It's in our genuine nature to want to help others, too make it easier. Being on your own, in business, is bittersweet..., and dumping your paycheck to do it..., is a little like leaving home to strike out on your own...

...You're happy to leave (sianara)! But deep down as time goes by, we sometimes start to second-guess our moves.

There are times when I would like things to be easier..., back to the basics..., when times were simpler. But, mom and dad won't let me move back in!

Honestly though, it's refreshing to "be your own boss" and have control over what happens. A physical business is a lot of work and has its challenges..., it's not the same as an online business, where you can escape the 9 to 5 routine and the commute.

Read on, this page tells you how this website is helping us renew our ability to pay the bills. It's also freeing up valuable time... You might easily benefit from it. I have chocolate candy to make!

Helping Out ..., Adding to the Mix

We are pro business, which means, we're always willing to give advice or point you in the right direction to get your business off to a great start..., if we can.

You see, it wasn't so easy for us in the beginning..., and well, I feel fortunate enough now to "pay it forward" so that it might be easier for you.

Our customers help us hang in there. I can't say enough about how much we appreciate all those who have helped us along the way; family, customers, and friends, along with their input and loyalty to us.

Flowers are just one of the features we offer here, besides a good old fashion box-of-chocolates (you'll see).

The two (flowers and chocolates), are a "can't go wrong" combination, but when you're in a small town like we are, you have to get creative about what you have within..., if you want to stay in business.

In 97 we were sick of the corporate rat race and layoffs (seems like someone always wants you gone)..., so we started this business..., Image (our legal, Washington State name).

Determined to do something better than the 9 to 5 corporate shuffle, we set out on our own.

We know well, that if you put your mind and motivation into it, you can accomplish anything.

"Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties."
Erich Fromm

So, what happens when you start a business on a shoestring budget, and some energy?

I won't bore you with business rhetoric, so I'll keep it brief.

For about two years, we simply worked our butts off "getting situated" in our community (getting known). Back before chocolate candy making began.

Lending a Hand While We Grow

We already knew to get involved with the local chamber of commerce (it's a "hub" for networking with other businesses). You'll get to know your neighbors and your competition..., it's meant to help your delivery of goods/services.

We didn't just give our competition "the eye" though, or mock them. We actually shop their stores, and try NOT selling what they sell.

In a small community, it's about respect, and economic sense..., and it's a considerate thing to do (at least, that's the way we see it).

Long story short, we found that the Elma Chamber, had no stationary location. Respectively, very little information available for tourism, visitors, new business, or potential residents.

Fortunately, we were already archiving things about the Elma Washington and the surrounding communities (I really like the old buildings).

We offered some free space, and for the next ten years..., we would host the Elma Chamber of Commerce within Image Flowers and Fine Chocolates.

Elma Washington Visitor Guide 2005 Cover

You can read more about what we've done for the community of Elma Washington by clicking on the book (it will open in a new browser). You'll find the PDF (book) there.

What's the point?


...and the pay off!

It's not about us entirely. It's more about you and how much we truely respect you as a person.

Just like visitors to, folks visiting Elma, Washington know they can stop in (or they're directed to us) when they need information, direction or whatever.

Basically, we over-deliver free information and will go out of our way for you.

Folks are genuinely loyal to us for it. It's a win/win/win for our customers, our community, and us.

You see, back then I worked three jobs..., too work by 7am, home at midnight. Getting traffic to our location seemed monumental. I'm always open to a better way.

Another Opportunity - This Time We "Pay It Forward"

Showing you how to make chocolates is my pleasure, and it's our hope that you earn a decent living with it. But lets go out on a limb (again), only this time, let's assume chocolate candy making isn't your true passion.

Maybe you love traveling, fishing, biking, caring for children/elders, or whatever. Maybe you simply want to dump that crummy job and have fun while you earn your money...

We're all feeling the crunch of the economy in one form or another. Keeping our head above water is not an easy task these days.

So, what can we do..., I like to look for something good to reach for. We might be able to dip it in chocolate!

Extra Income For You

We know what the goal is (and I'm sure we're not alone). We simply want to free up time and find some extra income to supplement the declining economy. Having fun at the same time really isn't a lot to ask for.

I began shopping for a new business idea (or company) that we could easily achieve, yet do in our spare time (there's an oxymoron)..., like we need more to do.

I have always had an ear for suggestions, but laughed when anyone suggested I take on the task of a website..., including myself...

..."it's too hard"..., "I'm too busy." Plus, I don't know anything about websites, let alone knowing what tools to use!

Still, we would never let that attitude stop us..., besides, I could help others put together their own style of chocolates to sell..., no matter where they are.

"Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out."
James Bryant Conant

It's turning out that I might be wrong when I said "it's too hard" and, "I don't know anything about websites."

I read a lot of information on website design and how to build one that actually ranks high with search engines (no sense writing, if no one can find you).

I found that some webmasters try to manipulate the search engines by optimizing (SEO). Their fame is short lived though. The SEO's have no stability because they basically lie to the search engines by injecting massive keywords into YOUR website to get hits from search engines like Google (it's like biting the hand that feeds you).

But there is a better way. The Solution... Just Be Real.

I'm learning to build this website about us, through SiteSell - Site Build It!..., (SBI! for short).

SBI has a huge reputation of helping normal people turn their projects, travels, expertise, and even the thing you love most (chocolate!), into a practical online business.

And talk about over delivering, SiteSell has a 1.5 million dollar online website editor that you get to use for free.

I wasn't aware that almost anyone could make money with a website..., even without a product to sell. You don't need to be in business to do it.

You can benefit from SBI too. Just look at these case studies. There's hundreds of successful websites from folks doing what I'm doing.

SBI takes care of programming and the technical stuff..., for free..., and you don't need to know anything about websites. I wonder why I didn't try it sooner.

What Do You Need To Do?

SBI stands by you while you learn (even after). They'll teach you step by step, everything you'll need to know. Simply bring your "brain and motivation" with you.

SBI users (SBI'ers) all own websites and have real experience. They'll gladly help with anything you might get stuck on..., so you can stay focused on what you love to do.

Literally hundreds of SBI'er websites rank in the Top 1% of all Web sites... and their unmatched by other "so-called web professionals."

With SBI, it wouldn't matter if we love to travel. We could earn money with almost any topic/theme, with or without a product to sell.

Finally, A New Community... Bent on Taking "Fun" to a New Level.

I have to admit, it's a little awkward. We're used to "being the helping hand" while others benefit. We're not used to "getting a helping hand" while "we" benefit.

It's almost like it is all about us, for us. SBI'ers stand ready..., if you can't find it or figure it out..., they will over deliver the information for free. I don't need to bribe them with chocolate candy..., I could get used to that.

I know it will take time to add in the content. But I only need to do it once (the best part), and it doesn't seem like work because it is what I enjoy doing.

Choosing what to write about was a little hard (we do so many things here). But, I really had a hard time with writing. I would get some "brilliant idea in my head, set down to write, and...

...stupid. I would go completely dumb. My brain would shutdown and I couldn't get my fingers to type anything.

"Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm."
Winston Churchill

SBI made it easier (a lot). SBI helped me find the right topic for us. They're helping me build it (the part I'm on now), teaching me how to get traffic to my site..., and how to make money with it.

There's an entire community (actually, It's like walking through downtown cyber city), loaded with free resources on anything web related you can think of (even what you don't think of).

They even have a way to find your own voice, and welcome anyone to share their own ideas and experience.

It's easier now because I found my own voice (never really lost it). The weird thing, is that it's the exact same voice I use every day with friends. A whole lot easier too!

SBI teaches you everything! How to find one subject/theme you like and write at your own pace, in your spare time.

For me, it's making chocolates, its fun, makes people happy..., and I can earn money doing what I love to do!

Yes, you can too... Anyone can do it...

...anything you like, the way you like, with the experience you already have. Your experiences are real..., they are true..., so you'll have the edge from the start.

"What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?"
Robert H. Schuller

I'm a doer..., I have to experience things first hand... If there is something to know about, I have to find it, experience it, and then share it with you!

This site is about us, but it doesn't mean we can't show you how easy it is to build your own.

I love this video tour! It breifly walks through each of the steps to give a better understanding of what it takes to build your own site.

Every step in the "Action Guide" is in either text, video and even video with text so you easily can follow along.

You'll find the action guide takes you step-by-step through the entire process and it's packed with tons of valuable information.

It would be wrong of me to say it is easy. No business is. But once you get into it, it doesn't seem like work because you're doing what you love to do.

You know, it's such a relief to go from nothing to something. Here's what I'm mean, watch this video  

For us, the price of $299 for an entire year was a great bargain, and we could break that into monthly payments if we wanted to.

action-guide at

The "Action Guide" takes you through a ten-day process and will teach you how to build a profitable website, at your own pace, doing whatever it is that you love to do.

The founder of SiteSell offers a 100% money back guarantee on what you don't use. You can have a top ranking website about what you love, and folks from all over the world will visit. They are just waiting for you to take that first step.

There's even an easier way! The thought crossed my mind to have SiteSell Services just take care of it for me... They build you a top-quality, high-traffic Turn-key Web sites that produce results at a competitive price.

You simply add your touch! Services

Already have a site that doesn't get the hits?

No problem! SiteSell Services can build you a powerful Turn-key "feeder" site that points traffic to your existing site, designed to attract motivated, interested visitors from Search Engines.

We think you deserve more for yourself, and I feel good because we can continue to offer genuine help to you for free (it's not always about us, it's about you too).

Great Lies of "Get Rich Quick!"

I think every now and then, in some way, we all could fall into the category of looking for those easy fixes to "gitter done."

Even go as far as to attempt what some might call the GRQ (get rich quick) schemes. Some folks just eat chocolate.

Remember, we simply wanted to find some extra income to supplement the declining economy.

Before long, I was hooked by an MLM (multilevel marketing) idea. "High Returns on Investments"... You know..., that good ole slick approach to use your family and friends to catapult you into success?

Yeah, those guys, and the "up-lines." They end up using you to make themselves rich while you look like an idiot spewing up your spiel to those you love.

Sorry, but the GRQ (get rich quick) has a sad reality for those who fall for the up-line spiel.

I look for the dirt first. I found, it's about us, and we had to "invest our time and expenses" just going to the costly hypinars (just made that up Hype + Seminar), then hope we see a return on our investment.

I needed the extra income not outgo. I kept digging to find out some interesting things about MLM. They didn't seem to know much about chocolate candy making.

MLM doesn't have to be a bad thing though..., it just needs to be done right. I'm betting that the up-lines won't tell you what the "right way" is.

I came across a link to a great eBook The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing by Ann Seig, which is loaded with valuable information on MLM.

This eBook opened my eyes to things I never even considered before. It has a quick video feed..., simply listen. You can then read it, and/or, give the eBook to that special someone..., along with those chocolate candies you'll make :-).

Believe me, using the "friends and family" approach to MLM is too costly and time consuming.

There's a better way..., don't wait for Christmas, give em the eBook now, It's free.

So, how did all that wind up about us getting this website?

As with anything we do, one thing leads to another, and the free eBook by Ann Seig, brought me straight to what I was looking for in the first place..., SBI!

The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing by Ann Seig is a great read all by itself. Ann tells a "no bull," Very Positive story about MLM and what it takes to get leads to come to you.

Through Sitesell I found I was much better served to strike out on my own personal story about us. Everyone is good at something, and there is always someone that is interested in your experiences, personal or otherwise.

The best part is, you can get paid while doing what you love to do from the comfort of home with really no risk at all (100% money back).

I am so glad I found SBI! Don't wait like I did...

..."Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
Mark Twain

SiteSell helped me bring to you my very own line of LB's Candy

over at my Candy Store!

Without Solo Build It's unmatched online software, I was lost in cyberspace with no hits on my site at all.

Now this site hits over 200 unique visitors per day, and I don't have to constantly monitor it.

SiteSell does it all for me including protection from hackers, Spam and other stuff.

I feel comfortable knowing you can securely purchase LB's Candies and keep your privacy safe.

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