About Cocoa Butter

Are you searching to find out more about cocoa butter or the best ways on how to use cocoa butter?

What makes it so tastefully useful is seemingly endless, and as mystical as the chocolate itself. 

From soothing massage therapy, to the deep skin care of striae gravidarum, to the health benefits of antioxidant, and even the botanical side of cocoa butter is just as great for our appearance as it is for its taste.

Not to mention that Oh So Wonderful Aroma!

We love everything about it! So much so, that the "United States is the leading importer of cocoa products" for cocoa butter including "liquor, and powder..." (tkfutures .com).

A Little History Of Cocoa Butter

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This yellow colored substance is actually an edible vegetable fat (also known as theobroma oil or theobroma cacao).

It goes through a lengthy process (including heat & pressing) to separate it from the cocao (cocoa) powder. More about that later.

Cocoa butter's past dates back in millenniums. Its life in uses, on the other hand, is fairly new. Not much thought about cocoa butter was given until 1828.

That's about the time Coenraad Van Houten invented a way to press the mass of cocoa liquor to separate cocoa powder from cocoa butter.

About twenty years later, 1847, a man named Joseph Fry discovered that he could add cocoa butter back into the cocoa powder, and then form it into a bar. That of course created the first bittersweet chocolate candy bar.

A few years later, in 1849, Cadbury came out with their version of a bittersweet chocolate bar. Some twenty five years later, in 1875, Nestle & Peter's invented the milk chocolate candy bar.

A whopping fifty-one years from the onset of the cocoa press, invented by Houten, the concept about cocoa butter began to take shape.

In 1879, Rudolph Lindt discovered that by adding even more cocoa butter to the milk chocolate that it would have the crisp snap we are familiar with today.

There's a lot more to the history of cocoa butter. To better understand it I highly recommend this well thought out book on chocolate called The True History of Chocolate (Second Edition)

If you are curious about chocolate but have never studied it, then this is a must read! This book will entertain your academic side as well as bring you up to date on the modern uses.

Could it have been Lindt's forethought about cocoa butter which also allowed the milk chocolate to melt better into the palate?

What Makes Cocoa Butter So Cocoa-licious

You might not be aware, that in order to "label" your chocolate candy, those chocolates must be specifically comprised of cocoa butter, in order to be called "chocolate."

There are simply no other known vegetable fats with similar traits. The aromatic butter is simply unmatched and I can't get enough of that wonderful aroma.

When it comes to tempering chocolate, imagine cocoa powder as fiber reinforcement to the cocoa butter (as fiberglass is to resin).

It's how the melding of it and the cocoa powder creates a lush smooth luster!

How To Use Cocoa Butter

The next couple of articles talk about how to use cocoa butter as well as why cocoa butter is partially replaced or replaced entirely.

If you are looking to purchase cocoa butter, be careful about the type you choose. It can get confusing as to which type you should employ.

You may have heard about cocoa butter and how expensive it is.

However, when you consider the small amount your are going to need per pound of chocolate, you'll find this link a really good buy. Raw Organic Cocoa Butter-16 ozs.

You'll see why when you understand just how much cocoa butter to add to chocolate candy making, in order to get chocolate to perform exactly the way you want it to.

You can then vacuum pack it, place it in the refrigerator for a minimum of a year. Cocoa butter stores for extremely long periods!

More About Cocoa Butter And Replacers

Cocoa Butter
Do you need to know how to get chocolate to drizzle thin lines over your candies, rather than blob all over your candy making experience, look here for  simple steps to thinning and other creative uses such as...

Replacers (CBR)
Manufaturers substitute most or all-cocoa butter with CBR's such as vegetable oil (palm oil and hydrogenated palm oil) or... is cheaper for the manufacturer, health benefits of chocolate compromised...

Equivalents (CBE)
Manufaturers partially substitute-cocoa butter with CBE's such as vegetable oil (palm oil, palm kernel oil and hydrogenated palm oil). Are health benefits of chocolate compromised? You may be surprised.

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