About Chocolate Chips
Using Chocolate Morsels In The Kitchen

What is it about chocolate chips and why does melting them seem as if the melting point of chocolate chips is hard to accomplish?

Especially when you're melting chocolate for strawberries, chocolate candy making or dipping chocolate whatever,

Yet, it never seems to fail when baking your favorite soft chocolate chip cookie recipe...,

Retaining The Shape

Just think of how high the temperature of the oven is, versus the melting point of chocolate.

The temperature is brutally high to a bowl of standard semisweet chocolate for chocolate candy making. Yet, the NESTLE® TOLL HOUSE® Morsels easily stands up to the temperatures.

It can really make us wonder about chocolate chips and how to melt them for those chocolate candy recipes, chocolate strawberries, dipping chocolate, etc.

If you're baking your favorite soft chocolate chip cookie recipe, the ever popular Nestle's Chocolate Chips do melt, and it's noticeable when you bite into those chewy chocolate chip cookies.

What's Going On

Chocolate chips have a high viscosity (thick formulation).

This type of semisweet chocolate chips are made specifically for baking so that they don't scorch or burn during the allotted baking time, and the melting chocolate chips will still retain their shape.

That's also why, when melting chocolate chips, some folks believe the chips need to be heated longer in the microwave. When really, the chocolate chips actually begin to melt at just below our body temperature.

These little morsels are created this way by design, and are meant to hold their shape even past the melting point of chocolate.

So, you are probably wondering what it takes to melt the chips and thin them out so you can get on with making chocolate candy. It's really not complicated at all once you get use to it.

Have a look! Here are some simple steps on How to Melt Chocolate Chips that can help you overcome some of the frustrations of melting them for chocolate strawberries or whatever.

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