About Caramel
In Chocolate Candy Making

What is the toughest thing about caramel for you?

Is it trying to get the caramel into the candy molds without making a big mess?

Are you finding more of your time is spent dealing with caramel preparations than making chocolate candy?

I was taught to "simply" unwrap the caramel squares for my chocolate caramel candy, chocolate caramel apples, caramel pecans, or whatever. Oh yeah, I can't forget about my favorite frustration... unwrap 2000 individually wrapped caramels and don’t forget to smash each one down to the right size...” Yikes!

If you've wrestled with layering chocolate caramel anything, then you gotta have these easy to follow tips and tricks.

Here’s where things heat up in the kitchen.

When you’re making chocolate candy in my kitchen, it is the hottest thing there is when you consider all the other basics of chocolate candy making.

You're not going to unwrap any caramels. Well, maybe one if you want. I have to slap my own hands sometimes too. Hey the stuff is good!

Wondering what I mean when I say “hottest thing there is?” You might be thinking "I'm not making caramel, I'm adding caramel to my chocolate candy molds." And you'd be correct!

How to work with caramel for chocolate candy making, chocolate candy recipes, or melting caramel for chocolate candy molds is pretty easy..., 

And that should apply to any brand you use with chocolate carmel bars, or candy making you decide to create here in my kitchen.

Peter's Caramel

If you have dealt with caramel squares, you have unwrapped your last bag of caramel squares!

But Wait You've probably even heard the same thing with caramel in bulk too...

"whack off a chunk of caramel and add it to the chocolate candy mold."
"smash it down, add nuts, smash it down... blah blah, " BORING!

A complete waist of you're valuable time!

So What Can You Do

As you've seen, I use Peter's® Caramel® for everything caramel! It's easy to melt, pour, work with, and I don't need to add anything! This type of caramel is great for making turtles, caramel pecan candies, candy caramels, chocolate carmel bars and a lot more

In The Kitchen

For the small bite size candies that we make in store, it's an easy to use simple solution to working with caramel.

What I'm going to show you about caramel, will make an incredible difference on your time spent making your own chocolate candy.

All About Nutrition & Ingredient Labels:

How To Melt Caramel Working with temperatures, keep from scorching the ingredients, tips on how to handle melting caramel with the help of plastic squeeze tubes...

Chocolate Candy Molds Find tips how to use plastic molds effectively, control over-flows, cleaning, preventing spots on your molded chocolate, trick for filling, removal, cooling, using squeeze bottles effectively, working with warm molds, preparing, and...

Caramel Crisp How to make a soft, crispy bite that's sure to bring you back to the good ole days when chocolate candies were made simple! Here's a great crispy chocolate carmel bar so you can make your own custom chocolate candy to...

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