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Find out what you need to know about chocolate candy making.

You'll also find lots of chocolate images, chocolate facts, how to make ingredient labels or nutrition labels, packaging supplies and even various ways to temper chocolate.

So, do you know about the favorite components you should always consider when making chocolate candy?

You may be surprised.

What makes candy making so delightfully inviting as a chocolatier?

Is it...

  • the types of chocolate you use
  • the special ingredient
  • the topping that says what's inside the candy

Those are components for sure, but what's the drive that makes us want to create more?

As a child, my first chocolate candy bar was called "Seven Up."

  • It had seven individual pockets
  • each filled with a delectable surprise
  • every bite was in savory anticipation of another

So, I wondered just how could I make candy that would have others react as I did when I bit into that yummy candy bar?

The next several years found myself in books on chocolate, melting chocolate, candy molds, chocolate strawberries, hands on experimenting and a lot more.

All I knew, is that just the thought of that Seven Up bar made my mouth water, and my face smile.

Getting To Know Chocolate Candy Making

Hi! I'm Luke Bailey and I've opened my kitchen and made it my personal goal to show you easy steps to making chocolate candy.

Yep, I'm making chocolate candy making..., A Solution for you (even if you're a beginner!) Here's how...

You've Heard...
         "There's Just Something About Chocolate"

For this candy maker, there sure is. As you will see, it's what makes candy making so exciting every time it's delivered to the kitchen table, friends, parties, work, and even you.

Looking back, I still find it amazing that a little 1-1/2 ounce candy bar with voluptuous pillows of assorted chocolates, stayed with me long after it lost its place on the store shelves.

The Seven Up bar was more than just a candy bar

It had delicious charisma!

What is "delicious charisma?" As a chocolatier, it's an over powering need that sometimes feels much greater than the need for superb chocolate or ingredients.

It's a sensation you can't you can't resist as a candy maker.


  • The wrapper unveiling irresistible dark curves, golden highlights on brown peaks of luxurious chocolate
  • The aroma of chocolate with intertwined wisps of caramel, macadamia, cashew, coconut, peanuts...
  • The sensuous mouth feel and flavor outbursts that compliment chocolate as it melts into the palate

Here in my kitchen, you will see what it takes to create this box of LB's Creative Candies using confectioners coating.

If you love chocolate candy, you have gotta have a box of LB's Creative Candies!

It's the only way to really get to know the in-depth appreciation of what goes into candy making in my kitchen.

What To Look For

Whether you are just starting out & need information on making chocolate candy like chocolate facts, or, you're an avid Do It Yourself Chocolatier looking for great tips & tricks, you'll find loads to explore here at Chocolates-Made-Easy.com

Easy to follow instructions, right here in the kitchen, with lots of chocolate images so you can see how making chocolate candy works.

What's In The Candy Kitchen

Here are some of the most popular chocolate candy making links. More links to the left on how to

About Melting Nestle's Chocolate Chips
About Chocolate Chips
Yummy Candy Recipes
Chocolate Candy Recipes
About Caramel
How to melt hocolate
Melting Chocolate
Candy Mold Tips
Candy Molds
About How to Temper Chocolate
Tempering Chocolate

Here you will find how to take a so-so homemade chocolate candy recipe and turn it into your own delectable masterpiece.

At home or as a DIY'er you need to find what's going to make it fast, easy, and get results.

Ingredients And Supplies

Sometimes you just need to know where to get chocolate candy making supplies, or how to make ingredient labels for your product to package, and get it to the market.

So if you can't find it here in my kitchen, just ask me! Once you eliminate the educational roller coaster, you can watch confusion & frustration Melt Away!

Bottom Line

The homemade chocolate candy recipes mom use to let me make, captivated my every thought.

I think mom liked it most. It kept me busy and saved valuable time for her. I grew up remembering the extraordinary quality time.

So, What Exactly Are Those "Chocolate Candy Making Favorite Components" that you need to consider?

It's so amazing now to have friends, family, and guests stop in their tracks...

You witness the delightful look on their faces as they bite into one of your own creations

  • You'll Love it when they notice excellence in the atmosphere with your inviting appeal
  • You'll Love hearing the Raves about your talents
  • You'll Love the compliments that just keep coming

You hear them quietly say, "Wow, look at these candies!"

You hear compliments on the seductive chocolate aroma as guests arrive.

You can't help but smile about that!

Back then, I didn't need to buy seven candy bars with my allowance, and mom never had to wait for me to decide.

That one little Seven Up Assorted Chocolates candy bar was an inexpensive treat with a lot of variety & value in its seven delectable pockets.

It had all the appeal you could want, and that's exactly why I created LB's Creative Candies packed with 32 individual candies in a one pound box.

I didn't stop there! The half pound has a whopping 20 pieces and the Best Value of all, is the quarter pound filled with 12 individual pieces of over delivered appeal.

As a chocolatier, you make quality chocolates, but you long for the "WoW's and compliments. Once you get them, you'll be addicted to the favorite chocolate candy making compliment crave!

We have over 15 years chocolate candy making experience, a lifetime of loving it, and I want to share that with you!

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